Free Printable For Tracing Letters & Numbers

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When we moved in the middle of the school year, I was thrilled to find a preschool/daycare for my son that said it followed preschool curriculum for learning and writing numbers and letters. And they also said they focused on learning through play.

At 3-and-a-half, he still couldn’t get him to hold a pencil correctly. He couldn’t write any of his letters coming from his his previous preschool. Knowing his numbers and letters was a shaky skill at best.

Worst yet, I kept comparing him to my daughter. She went to a fabulous (Read: Expensive) preschool while I worked outside of the home. She could speak Spanish at 2 and hold a pencil correctly too. (They used to break the crayons down to little numbs so the kids would be forced to grip them properly.)

I knew the one we put him last fall in wasn’t as fabulous, but I just wanted him to have some interaction. I didn’t need him to be a genius, but I did expect basic skills.

Free Printable For Tracing Letters & Numbers

New school, new skills

When we moved in December the new school said they really focused on things like their letters, writing their letters, numbers and STEM. I was thrilled. I specifically asked about these skill because I was nervous that he was a bit behind.

A few months in, I was shocked to learn they hadn’t done any of that at all. I was very concerned about him holding a pencil. He will go to real preschool this fall and it is a needed school for 4-year-old preschool.

In June, not only could he not write his letters or numbers, but he didn’t really know any of them either. He could sing the ABCs, but that was it.

When I questioned the school they said it’s something that they really don’t focus on until they’re in the 4-year-old class.

This summer we’ve focused on learning his letters and trying to write them. He’s doing better but I’m dismayed that he’s still somewhat behind.

Free Printable For Tracing Letters & Numbers

Our current status

He’s a smart kid so I have no doubt he’ll catch up. It’s just a bummer when you’ve been told they’re going to learn one thing and a school fails to meet stated expectations.

I made this tracing printout that we used to help him with the lines this summer. In case your little one is struggling with pencil grip and writing, I thought some of you might find it useful too. 🙂 It’s also great for those of you homeschooling.

You can find it in the Kids section of the Printables page.

There are three sheets of free tracing letters pages that include all of the ABCs and one page of numbers that include numbers 0-10.

Grab our back-to-school Lunch Box printables here too!


Free Printable For Tracing Letters & Numbers


  1. I was excited when I saw this because you can’t find these sheets anymore and you need them for younger students. Thank you

  2. I love these for reinforcement! I really could have used them when my son was in K. He had a hard time tracing and writing letters.

  3. This will come in handy for anyone trying to get their kids to learn how to write. I think I’ll use them to help my preteen practice handwriting skills to write cleaner again!

  4. This is a great printable. I always loved these for when kids were just learning how to write. My kids are older now, but I have many nieces and nephews that would benefit from this.

  5. I think this is a great exercise to hone their writing skills. It can be difficult for the kiddos sometimes. But I’m glad there are stuff like this that can keep the pain away.

  6. These sheets remind me of my early elementary years. Glad you shared these printables. They would be great for parents with kids who are still learning how to write.

  7. These will be great for my son!! We are currently working on writing his name and other letters so I know these will help.

  8. Love this printable!! It is always great to have so many resources like this one..going to print it out and put it in a page protector for my youngest to practice…my son could even use the extra practice in the afternoons after school!

  9. I love these printouts! I remember doing tracing like this when I started school. I will be printing out some of these for my daughter for school practice


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