Artistic expression is a great way to encourage the cognitive development of your child. This is why preschools and daycares have plenty of arts and crafts for the young ones to engage in.

When the kids are not at school or daycare, it’s still a great idea to get them engaged in these artsy activities at home. This is where tools like free color by number printables can be a lifesaver for you as a parent.

There is no need to buy a book or make any purchase when you want a color by number exercise for your kid. All you need right now is a printer and you can print as many free color-by-number printables as you need to keep your kid engaged in lots of colorful fun.

Great Way to Learn About Colors and Numbers

Color by number printables are great because they teach your kid about both numbers and colors. These printables have pictures that are divided into small parts and each part has a specific number written inside.

The number written inside corresponds to a specific color; a key should be provided so the kid can make the connection. To get a good coloring result, the kid will need to use the corresponding color for each section.

This process can encourage your child to start making a connection between specific colors and numbers. It can also help you to gauge how your child is progressing in their understanding of colors, numbers, and relationships between different things.

Start with the Simple Color by Number Printables

Simple printables have larger sections and fewer colors to choose from. They also have simpler drawings that should be easy for your child to relate to.

It’s a good idea to start your child with something simple so they can appreciate the rewards of the exercise early and not simply get frustrated. You can take things up a notch once the kid outgrows the simple stuff or if your child is a bit older.

Complex Color by Number Printables

For the advanced learners or for older kids, choose color by number printables that offer a greater level of difficulty. These can be:

  • Printables with smaller sections
  • Printables that require many different colors.
  • Printables that require the child to complete an arithmetic operation to identify the correct color.

These require more skill, patience, and attention to detail to get right. The rewards are, however, more rewarding, and the process should be more stimulating for advanced or older kids.

The kids will get to work on more complex subjects and appreciate the wider array of colors that they can play with.

Including arithmetic operations, e.g., requiring them to add two numbers to identify the correct color number, can certainly make learning math a little more fun.

Color By Number Printables Improves Fine Motor Skills

The development of fine motor skills is important to children because it helps their intelligence to grow. Color by number printables are a great way to help your kids develop these skills.

As simple as it looks, it takes a certain amount of manual dexterity for a kid to color inside the lines. This dexterity can improve as the child takes on such exercises more frequently.

Ideas for Color by Number Printables

There is almost no limit to the type of color by number printables that you can print for your kid today. A few interesting ideas you can explore include:

1. Seasonal themes: These are great for helping your child to know the different seasons in the year and what to expect when seasons change, e.g., the shedding of leaves by trees in the autumn or dressing warmly during winter.

2. Holiday themes: These are great due to the myriad of activities and traditions that surround different holidays. They can also help your kid to get into the holiday spirit.

3. Recent class work: In case your child recently learned about farm animals, a color by number exercise when they get home could be a great way to ensure the learning continues beyond the classroom, in a fun way.

4. Food: This is always a great idea because diet is key to the good health of a growing child. Food-themed color by number printables can help them to identify the different things they can eat and encourage a positive relationship with healthy foods.

5. Common household objects: It’s good for your child to be able to identify common household objects that they can see or interact with regularly.

Color Along with Your Kids

If you thought free color by number printables are only great for kids, you’re in for a surprise. There are color by number printables for adults today and these are perfect if you want to color along with your kids.

Coloring by number may sound like it’s a kid’s thing but it’s an activity that is also great for helping adults to relax and unwind.

Additionally, if you want your kids to be more engaged when doing their color by number exercises, it may help if you were engaged in the same exercise. Kids love to imitate what the grown-ups are doing. It helps them to learn and creates a sense of belonging.

You can use this opportunity to teach your child different skills, but also imprint on them the value of following instructions, focusing on a task, and working on something to completion.

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Get Your Color by Number Printables for Free Today

Color-by-number printables are an excellent tool for helping your kids develop a wide range of mental and physical skills. It also helps to keep them engaged or to relax at home.

You can choose from simple and complex coloring exercises depending on how advanced your child is. There are different ideas you can explore when choosing a color by number project including seasonal and holiday themes.

It’s also a good idea for you to participate in these projects to keep your child interested in the exercise. You can do this by taking turns working on one color by number printable or by working on your own color by number printable for adults.

If you have access to a printer, there are plenty of free printables you can start working on today.

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