Can Chickens Eat Oranges & Orange Peels?

Chickens can eat a surprising range of things because they are omnivores just like human beings. This means they will happily eat both plants and animals. You may be used to seeing your chickens chowing down on some seeds, leaves, and fruits. It may therefore come as a surprise that they will also happily go … Read more

Can Roosters Fly? 3 Reasons Flying Isn’t Their Forte

can roosters fly

Let’s be honest – Roosters are true maestros of the avian kingdom. Leave alone their melodious cock-a-doodle-doos at the crack of dawn; cockerels are intelligent feathered heroes with excellent leadership skills and so much more. But how about their aerial capabilities – can roosters fly? Well, that’s what we’re about to unearth in this blog … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Peppers? Symptoms & Benefits

Can Chickens Eat Peppers

Did you know chickens have an easier time eating spicy peppers because they can’t taste the spicy stimuli? What a treat! This is one of the reasons why chickens enjoy eating pepper seeds and fruits. Chickens also thrive on a pepper supplement diet due to the nutritious benefits that can help improve the color of … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Onions? Effects of Onions

can chickens eat onions

As omnivores, chickens are known to consume a large variety of foods including vegetables. However, when it comes to onions, hobbyists, and keepers have some debate on whether you should add onions to your chicken’s diet. The debate ranges from which forms of onions (raw or cooked) you should feed the chicken to the type … Read more

Can Chickens Safely Eat Mushrooms?

can chickens eat mushrooms

If you’re a mushroom enthusiast and a chicken parent at the same time, you might be wondering whether it’s okay to spread your love for fungi to your feathered friends. After all, while chickens aren’t finicky about what they eat, not everything is good for their health. So, are mushrooms safe for chickens? Well, we … Read more

Chickens Laying Soft Eggs: 7 Causes & Treatment

chicken laying soft eggs

While it’s not uncommon for chickens to lay soft-shelled eggs occasionally, it is a sign that you may want to pay attention to. If your chicken consistently lays soft-shelled eggs, it’s a sign that something may be wrong and requires further investigation. There are many reasons why a chicken might lay a soft-shelled egg. One … Read more