When Can Chicks Go Outside?

When Can Chicks Go Outside

If your cute and fluffy chickens are getting bored and restless, it may be time to change their environment. Chickens are delicate animals and can be quite sensitive to the manner in which you change their home. You may have questions like when can chickens go outside? Is it safe to let them leave the … Read more

Will Cats Kill Chickens?

Will Cats Kill Chickens

Having a flock of chickens can naturally make you worry about potential predators, since losing chickens can mean losing valuable resources and money, but have you ever wondered if your own housecat could possibly attack or kill your chickens? In this article, we’ll be looking at different interactions between your cat and chickens, including whether … Read more

Top 7 Kid-Friendly Chicken Breeds

best chickens for kids

Who, in their tender age, didn’t cherish having chicken for a friend? Youngsters typically make an excellent combo with chickens, often much better than with many other pets. But before you get your little one a feathered friend, ensure that you’re bringing them the ideal type of bird. As much as chickens are fantastic creatures, … Read more

Egg Bound Chicken: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, & More

Egg Bound Chicken

Picture this: As you stroll around observing your chatty free rangers go about their day, an unconventional scene captures your attention. One of the chickens is distressing and waddling like a penguin. After waddling, the chicken stands legs apart, squats, and pumps its tail. These are clear signs of an egg-bound chicken crying out for … Read more

Chicken Mites: Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

red mites

Have you recently noticed tiny red or black dots moving on your chickens or tick-like creatures on their nesting materials? You are likely dealing with a mite infestation. Like lice and fleas, mites can seriously impact your flock’s health and happiness. They suck blood from your birds, which causes scratching, baldness, and reduced activity. In … Read more

15+ Easy and Fun DIY Chicken Toys

chick toys diy

Did you know chickens get bored too? This might come as a surprise to many people, considering how chickens are self-sufficient. Provide them with food, water, and a safe environment, and they’re happy. However, all is well until something comes around and limits their ability to indulge in natural practices like foraging, dust bathing, and … Read more

18 Chicken Fence Ideas: Wire, Pallet, & More

Chicken Fence Ideas

Keeping chickens in and keeping predators out are two challenges backyard chicken farmers are familiar with. Although we want to give our birds the freedom to roam to their hearts’ content, sometimes this isn’t in their best interest. Roaming too far can take your chickens far from the safety and comfort of your home. It … Read more

Top 13 Chicken Hatcheries in Texas 2023

Chicken Hatchery

Texas has no shortage of poultry enthusiasts and things have gotten more interesting with the resurgence in backyard chicken keeping. Luckily, there are plenty of hatcheries in the state working to keep up with this demand. There is a healthy mix of everything ranging from small hatcheries that focus on a few choice breeds to … Read more