If you love Kung Fu Panda, then we share the same feelings. Po, the Dragon Warrior, became an instant favorite around the world for his unique fighting style and serious love for noodles. And what better way to join in the fun than to color through our new collection of 30 Kung Fu Panda coloring pages?

Whether you’re looking to relax with some doodles or keep your kids entertained, you’ve reached your ultimate destination. Our coloring masterpiece captures iconic moments straight out of the Valley of Peace-think of noodles, bamboo sticks, beautiful landscapes and so much more!

Don’t be surprised if you end up doing splits with Po, training with the wise Master Shifu, or even facing off with the show’s antagonist, Tai Lung. However, it’s not just about training and fighting; we have other characters like Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Master Oogway, and Crane, and the scene of Po having fun with his dad Mr. Ping.

Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or markers, then get ready to bring out the color samurai in yourself.

Click on any image or link below to open the high-resolution PDF to download or print the pages.

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