Top 7 Chicken Hatcheries in Ohio in 2023

chicken hatchery ohio

The right hatchery can make a big difference in the success of your chicken farming venture. However, there are many chicken hatcheries in Ohio. How can you tell which one is the right one? Going with a big-name hatchery may seem like the best choice, but you may find that it makes more sense to … Read more

10 Chicken Coop Door Ideas

Chicken Coop Door Ideas

Are you someone who wants to build their first chicken coop and doesn’t know what type of door to use? Or someone who got bored of the existing door on their chicken coop? Or maybe someone who is looking for some chicken coop door ideas? Well, this article is all about chicken coop doors, so … Read more

10 Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs

White Eggs

Various chickens lay eggs in diverse colors, from classic white and brown eggs to exquisite shades like green and blue. Usually, the color of eggs to expect from your clucking companion depends on their breed. Therefore, if targeting a specific color of eggs from your flock, it’s good to know what breeds are genetically predisposed … Read more

Dominique Chickens: An American Classic

Dominique Chicken

The Dominique is as American as chicken gets. It was, after all, the very first chicken breed developed in the North American country now seen by many as the Mecca for all things chicken. These mid-sized birds are rarer today than you would expect of something of its status. For a time, there was a … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Mealworms? How to Raise?

Mealworms for Chickens

When the eggs of one type of darkling beetle hatch, the larvae that emerge are what we call mealworms. These larvae were considered pests in some places because they can eat stored grain. These beetle larvae have, however, graduated to now being considered an important source of protein for both domesticated and wild animals. They … Read more

Bumblefoot in Chickens: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

bumblefoot in chickens

With a 50% mortality rate, bumblefoot in chickens is a chronic condition that can lead to severe outcomes, including lameness, painful abscesses, and, in extreme cases, amputation. Despite its fatality, bumblefoot is a relatively easy infection to cure, with up to 100% full recovery in the early stages. The condition is fairly common, and treatment … Read more

Top 12 Fluffy Chicken Breeds

fluffy chicken

There is something about fluffy chickens that makes you want to pick them up and cradle them in your arms; gently of course. Some of these chickens get their fluffy look because they have more feathers than usual. However, others have completely different feathers than we see on regular chickens. Fluffy chickens are popular in … Read more

Chickens that Lay Purple Eggs: Is It Possible?

chickens that lay purple eggs

You may have stumbled upon a video clip where a chicken keeper proudly showcases the uniquely-colored purple eggs from their flock. Or, you could be a great lover of uniquely colored eggs and want to know whether there’s a particular breed that can give you distinct purple-hued eggs. Either way, purple eggs are cute to … Read more

Naked Neck Chicken: History, Appearance, & Gene

Naked Neck Chickens

The Naked Neck Chicken is a unique-looking bird with unclear origins. The unusual look of these chickens once led to the theory that they were the result of interspecies breeding. Thanks to their size, the quality of their meat, and their laying ability, backyard farmers are becoming more interested in this breed today. The trait … Read more

How to Tell Roosters from Hens: 10 Breeds Example

rooster vs hen

Are you looking to control or manage breeding in your flock? Or do you want to know the differences between roosters and hens? Either way, you’ve stopped at the right page. Distinguishing male and female chickens can be tricky for both novice and experienced farmers. This rings true, especially if the birds are young. But … Read more