Hidden Veggie Smoothies Kids Will Actually Eat

Veggie Smoothies

If you’re reading this, you’re likely having trouble convincing your little ones to eat their veggies. But hey, you’re not alone! Although vegetables are healthy and crucial to our diet, most kids are never on board with having them form part of their everyday diet. But don’t worry! Today, we’ve got a trick up our … Read more

Chickens Laying Soft Eggs: 7 Causes & Treatment

chicken laying soft eggs

While it’s not uncommon for chickens to lay soft-shelled eggs occasionally, it is a sign that you may want to pay attention to. If your chicken consistently lays soft-shelled eggs, it’s a sign that something may be wrong and requires further investigation. There are many reasons why a chicken might lay a soft-shelled egg. One … Read more

When Should You Stop Kissing Your Kids On The Lips

When Should You Stop Kissing Your Kids On The Lips

Kissing your kid on the lips: Cute or creepy? Well, this subject has for years stirred up a searing debate on parenting. On one side of the motion, kissing is a simple, sweet gesture to show affection to the “innocent” juniors and strengthen the parent-child bond. On the opposite side of the debate, lip-kissing isn’t … Read more

Chickens Can Eat Cooked & Uncooked Rice

can chickens eat rice

Chickens are omnivorous birds, meaning they can eat a whole array of foods. That includes both plant and animal-based foods. In short, they will eat almost anything that their little beaks can handle. In the wild, feral chickens feed on insects, worms, small animals, seeds, fruits, and other vegetation. When in captivity, chickens are usually … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Carrots? Yes, It’s Healthy

can chickens eat carrots

Chickens are omnivorous creatures with a wide and varied appetite. Similar to dogs and humans, chickens can eat a wide variety of foods, including proteins, seafood, grains, fruits, and vegetables. In order for a hen to be healthy, have strong immunity, be vital, and have large eggs, she must be fed a variety of food … Read more

5 DIY Chick Brooder Design Ideas

diy chick brooder

Whether you’re a first-time chicken farmer looking to raise your chicks from scratch or you’re a seasoned poultry keeper and need more space to accommodate a new batch of chicks, learning how to build a brooder is worthwhile. However, there are a few things you must know to ensure that your brooder is safe, comfortable, … Read more

Chickens Can Eat Pineapple: Benefits & Risks

can chickens eat pineapple

Chickens are an integral part of any farm. But for them to produce eggs, meat, fertilizer, and other poultry products, they need to be healthy. And any chicken owner knows that the health of their chickens starts with a proper diet. While many chickens rely solely on their feed and foraged insects for nutrition, some … Read more