How Long Do Ducks Live? 9 Duck Breeds Lifespan

how long do ducks live

Are you looking to add a few quackers to your backyard flock? Or are you simply interested in how long these magnificent birds live? No matter your reason, we are glad you have found us. Our piece for the day invites you to explore the world of ducks. But keep in mind your journey spans … Read more

Can Ducks and Chickens Live Together? Coop, Food, & More

can ducks and chickens live together

If you enjoy the thrill of raising chickens, chances are, the idea of adding ducks to your backyard flocks has crossed your mind before. But probably you held that thought back because you didn’t know if ducks and chickens can live together. Right? We are happy to inform you can raise these domesticated birds together. … Read more

Are Ducks Good Pets? Benefits & Challenges

are ducks good pets

Are you looking to keep ducks as pets? Duck domestication isn’t something new. In fact, these birds were domesticated 4000 BC by the Europeans, Egyptians, and Chinese. But ducks were raised for the sole purpose of meat and egg production. Today, however, ducks have taken a more centered role as pets in most households worldwide. … Read more