Can Chickens Eat Cucumbers?

can chickens eat cucumbers

Chickens are famous for not being picky about what they eat – these omnivores will nibble on everything and anything you give them. And while most poultry farmers go for chicken feed as a main source of nutrition for their beloved chicken flock, there is no rule that says they should be fed only commercial … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Watermelon? (Yes, All Parts)

To have a healthy flock and improve the productivity of chickens, you need to choose the right food and supplements that contain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for growth and weight. The more diverse the food, the healthier and stronger your flock’s immune system. It is important to emphasize that the chicken diet differs between … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Sweet Potatoes?

can chickens eat sweet potatoes

We all love to feed our chickens some extra treats, but can chickens eat sweet potatoes? Or are sweet potatoes harmful to chickens? Sweet potatoes are a delicious treat for chickens, which can be fed both raw and cooked. This versatile vegetable has many health benefits for chickens, but you must take certain precautions before … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Potatoes? (Raw, Cooked, Skins)

Can Chickens Eat Potatoes

It can be tempting to sneak some extra vegetables into your chickens’ diet, but can chickens eat potatoes? Feeding vegetables such as potatoes to chickens can have many benefits, but only when fed in moderation. Potatoes are a useful source of carbohydrates, and can help you save money on your chicken feed bills! However, there … Read more

Polish Chicken: Appearance, Varieties, & Care

Polish Chicken

Polish chickens are probably not the first breed most people will think about when they want to get into chicken farming. Surprisingly, these birds have a long and storied history and a look that makes them unforgettable as soon as you take one glance at them. It’s not just the appearance of Polish chickens that … Read more

How Do Chickens Sleep? Bedtime Habits Revealed

How Do Chickens Sleep

How do chickens sleep, and where, and for how long? Plenty of sleep will keep your birds fit and healthy, so let’s learn about the bedtime routine of chickens! Chickens sleep by sitting on a raised perch or roost, staying securely in place using a tendon-locking mechanism that helps them grip the roosting bar with … Read more

DIY Olympic Medals: 3 Simple Ways

DIY Olympic Medals

Olympic medals aren’t just meant for renowned athletes. Not at all. Ourselves and the people around us have all fought and won different battles in life, and such triumphs, big or small, leave us deserving of some pat on the back. And thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying lavish medals made of … Read more

3 Fun Ways To Dye Your Easter Eggs

dye easter eggs

If there’s an Easter tradition that never grows old, it has to be egg dyeing. I mean, there’s something about this age-old craft that neither of us is willing to let go of any time soon. After all, who doesn’t find transforming “boring” plain eggs into beautiful works of art satisfying? I guess we all … Read more

Dong Tao Chicken: $2000 Dragon Feet Bird

If there was a competition for the most unique chicken breeds out there, the Dong Tao chicken would undoubtedly be high up on that list if not at the very top. This chicken is of Vietnamese origin and its distinct look once made it a reserve of the royal family. The Dong Tao chicken remains … Read more

Turn An Old Train Table Into A DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table

Train tables have for years been great playtime companions for little ones. The cleverly-built pieces offer hours of creative fun to the youngsters, which is probably why they’ve served as a popular Christmas gift for juniors for years. But as exciting as train tables are, kids tend to gradually lose interest in them as they … Read more