Amberlink Chicken: An Egg-Laying Champion

Amberlink Chicken

There is nothing like cracking a freshly laid egg in the morning and making yourself a delicious breakfast. This is one of the privileges you can enjoy when you have an Amberlink hen as part of your backyard flock. Once upon a time, these chickens were quite popular in the United States, but they have … Read more

Do Chickens Pee: In the Manner You Don’t Know

do chickens pee

Of all the animals you’re likely to find around a farm, chickens and other poultry are the only ones you won’t see peeing. More precisely, they are the only ones you won’t see expelling waste in a liquid form when healthy. The issue of how chickens expel waste is one that has baffled human beings … Read more

What Are Double Yolk Eggs? Causes & Safety

Double Yolk Eggs

Finding a double yolk egg in your egg carton is certainly a rare and pleasant surprise, but you may want to know a bit more about these eggs before you decide to consume them. In this article, we’ll be going into detail on what exactly are double yolk eggs, how they form, whether it’s safe … Read more

Golden Sex Link Chicken: Origins, Eggs & Care

Golden Sex Link Chicken

Did you know there are chicken eggs that will let you know the exact sex of the chicks right after they hatch? The Golden Sex Links are a good common example of this phenomenon. As sex-linked animals, the Golden Sex Links make the process of identifying sex easier since they are sex-linked crosses whose hatched … Read more

Top 9 Fighting Roosters Breeds & How To Spot The Best One

rooster breeds for fighting

A fighting rooster is an adult male chicken different from normal roosters. Fighting roosters are more intelligent, well trained, with strong legs, broad and bony shoulders, lightweight, more muscular, more aggressive, and good sports in terms of gameness and cheerfulness. When normal roosters are raised for meat and breeding, fighting roosters are bred to compete … Read more

Flies In The Chicken Coop: Prevention & Control

flies in the chicken coop

The key to keeping flies out of the chicken coop is to create an unconducive environment where flies cannot find food to eat or a place to breed. By using a number of preventative measures, you can forever ensure that your chicken coop stays in a fly-free zone. However, prevention is not a cure, and … Read more

Black Star Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide

As a chicken parent, knowing the ins and outs of a chicken breed before adding it to your flock is essential. That way, you can determine whether you’re bringing on board the perfect breed for your needs, and if yes, learn the best way to care for your new addition. And with you being here, … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Cucumbers?

can chickens eat cucumbers

Chickens are famous for not being picky about what they eat – these omnivores will nibble on everything and anything you give them. And while most poultry farmers go for chicken feed as a main source of nutrition for their beloved chicken flock, there is no rule that says they should be fed only commercial … Read more