Candy Cane Holiday Cheesecake Recipe Makes Dessert Very Merry

Did you know candy canes were originally created in order to keep children quiet in church?

According to the folklore story, the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany wanted to keep children quiet during a long performance at the Christmas Eve mass. He asked a local candy maker to make the sugar sticks and had them bent in the shape of a Shepherd’s staff in honor of the Shepherd’s that visited Jesus.

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom LifeWhether or not you believe the story, I think we can all agree that candy canes and Christmas are synonymous. I know I love the taste of anything peppermint this time of year, especially when you couple it with some chocolate.

When I decided I wanted to make a dessert inspired by the candy cane I passed on cookies, cake and brownies. I went for cheesecake because it’s one of my favorites. With its creamy texture and the variety of different tastes you can create, there’s no denying cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. Coupled with the cool, winter taste of peppermint and you have a dessert that will certainly keep little children quiet while they gobble it all up.

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom Life

I made my recipe in a pressure cooker but feel free to use the base recipe and cook the cheesecake any way you want. Check out the full recipe below!

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom LifeCookware Used:

  • 7-inch spring form pan (This can be found on Amazon here. It is difficult to find in this size in the store.)
  • Electric pressure cooker (I use an Instant Pot. Specifically, this one.)

Cooking tips:

  • When I originally made this, I put the white chocolate on it when it was still in the spring form pan and before cutting it. Now I would recommend you let it chill the entire time, remove it from the pan, slice it and THEN drizzle the white chocolate on and sprinkle with candy canes. It makes it much easier than trying to cut through hardened white chocolate.
  • If you want to skip using food coloring, just remember that cheesecake cooks up a little yellow. It won’t be pure white if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t forget the tent! Whether you’re cooking this in the pressure cooker or the oven, tenting is essential for good cheesecake.
  • Also, make sure your eggs and other ingredients are room temperature. It’s necessary for cheesecake.

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom Life

Candy Cane Cheesecake

This Candy Cane Cheesecake is what holiday magic is all about. It's perfect minty taste will put you in the mood for Christmas carols and joy. 
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: candy cane cheesecake, cranberry dessert
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Refrigerate: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Author: Rachel Quenzer


Crust Ingredients

  • 5 graham crackers
  • 3 Tbsp. melted butter

Filling ingredients

  • 16 oz. cream cheese
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 2 Tbsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 Tbsp. peppermint extract
  • 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
  • 3 eggs at room temperature
  • 6 drips of red or pink food coloring (really this is to desired color)

White Chocolate Topping Ingredients

  • 1 cup white chocolate chips, melted
  • Crushed candy canes


  • Crush your graham crackers. Make sure they are crushed to a very fine consistency and then add your melted butter.
  • Press the mixture into the spring form pan and then put the crust in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Combine your sour cream, heavy cream and cream cheese. Mix well.
  • Add your sugar, flour and eggs and mix well. Make sure not to over mix though or you will get air bubbles in the cake, which doesn’t make much of a different in taste. It’s just a visual thing. 
  • Add vanilla and fold it into the mixture.
  • Add your peppermint extract and food coloring and fold it into the mixture.
  • Remove the pan from the freezer and use butter or olive oil to coat the edges.
  • Pour the cheesecake filling into the pan and even it out with a spatula.
  • Add one cup of water to your pressure cooker.
  • Tent your cheesecake with tin foil.
  • Use the stainless steel rack that comes with the pressure cooker and lower the cheesecake into the pot.
  • Secure the lid and cook on high pressure for 33 minutes. Remember, you will need to allow time for the pot to come to pressure.
  • When the timer is done, let the pot vent naturally for about 10-15 minutes. Then, release any final pressure.
  • Take the tin foil off and let the cheesecake cool on the counter for about an hour. The, put the cheesecake in the refrigerator for at least three hours.
  • Once it has had time in the fridge, pull it out and slice it before topping. 
  • Melt your white chocolate chips in the microwave. About 30 seconds should work. Crush your candy canes while it melts.
  • Use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate on top of the cake and sprinkle the candy cane on top. Let harden and serve!

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom LifeIt may sound a bit complicated but it’s actually a really simple recipe. Oh and it’s delicious! Besides, it can’t be more complicated than keeping a bunch of kids quiet in church, right? 🙂

Thank you for visiting and happy eating, friends. For more recipes, click here. For more holiday recipes, click here.

Holiday Cheesecake Recipe - The Everyday Mom Life


  1. Super interesting that you made your cheesecake in a pressure cooker. That is not something I would have thought would work for desserts. I don’t know if I believe the story but it’s definitely an interesting take on it!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I almost wish I hadn’t read this because now I feel totally obligated not only to make it but EAT most of it…two of my all-time favorite desserts, cheesecake and candy canes! LOVE it!!

  3. I love the story about the candy cane origin. I hope it’s true because it’s a great story. The candy can cake looks phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cake that included candy canes in the recipe. But I imagine I would LOVE it!

  4. This looks (and sounds) delicious! I love that you added in the story behind the candy cane as well. What a neat little history lesson to share with kids when enjoying this dessert!

  5. First of all, the choose cake looks great and pleasing to the eye! what camera do you use? My mum introduced the family to cheese cakes two years ago and since then I am always in the mood to have a cheese cake because I have a bad sweet tooth anyway hahah Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love peppermint, and this looks delicious. Definitely perfect for the holidays! I’ll have to make this for when our guests come over. It’s so pretty and festive!

  7. Yummy, bookmarking this page for sure. I love cheesecake, my favorite of any flavor. Canycanes are delish too! The combination says yay me at Christmas 🙂 Going to have to make this…

  8. This is such a perfect sweet treat on Christmas looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe, now I know what to add on my list this coming holiday.

  9. 5 stars
    First off, WOW! This looks insanely amazing! Secondly, I have never made cheesecake at home, but I think this might be the perfect reason to try!

  10. Looks and sounds delicious! I’d love to know how you cut that so that the chocolate top didn’t break into a million pieces. Thanks! BTW, “shepard” should be “shepherd.”

  11. Hi! I saw that u can bake in oven but do u mind giving me an exact like time to be in the oven. I don’t want to wing it in my first try. Thank you! 😊


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