Green Treats For Your Little People This St. Patrick’s Day



Get your green out this week and add some of it to your foods too.  Just adding a bit of green food to the mix can help make St. Patrick’s Day a wee bit more fun for the important little people in your life. The options below are easy and require very little time in the kitchen so you can enjoy the day without too much time away from the people that matter most. In fact, they can help you create these treats since they don’t require much more than mixing.

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Shamrock Shake

First, create a Shamrock Shake at home. This one is so easy I’m wondering why I’ve spent money on this throughout the years when I really have everything I need at home to create this minty treat. You can find the full recipe here. 

Pot of Gold PuddingIMG_9961 copysm

Grab your favorite pudding mix and add a touch of Ireland by making it green.


  • Instant pudding mix
  • 3 cups of milk
  • Green food coloring
  • Edible, gold sprinkles (You can usually find these at your local craft store. Check out the section for baking/favors/cakepops.)



  1. Make pudding as directed on the box with three cups of milk
  2. Mix pudding until combined and it begins to set.
  3. Add in 5 – 7 drops of the food coloring.
  4. Dish it out into individual cups and add sprinkles. If you don’t intend to serve this right away, keep it chilled in the refrigerator without the sprinkles. Make sure you add the sprinkles just before you serve this. They do tend to melt if you leave them out too long.

Green With Envy GelatinIMG_9988 copysm

This one is easiest of all because it doesn’t require anything really. You can just find your favorite gelatin mix at the store, which you can usually find in a shade of green already, and make according to the directions on the box. We added it to a fancy, non-breakable bowl and put some little whipped cream puffs on top to plus it up and make it feel fancy.


Happy eating! And enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!



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