Take Off On A New Adventure With Your Favorite Super Heroes In Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes

Disclosure: I was given a sneak peek at the Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes showing coming to stage this summer.

All your favorite Marvel Super Heroes will be flying into an arena near you this summer when Feld Entertainment launches their newest show, Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes. The show takes off July 7 in Los Angeles at the STAPLES Center before making its way East, but we’ve been given a sneak peek into all the action-packed adventure and a behind the scenes tour of the show.

The story follows iconic super heroes including Spiderman, The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they battle Nebula, Green Goblin and Loki. The show combines acrobatics, dirt bike performances and, of course, fire to bring to life places around the universe – including the streets of New York and other planets.

The show seems larger than life, but the real magic happens behind the scenes where the cast and crew work together to give you an unforgettable experience. From the costumes to the explosions, no details are left out as Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes is brought to life.

Dress the part

It’s no secret that much of the illusion behind the show is due in large part to the costumes. Every real super hero needs one, right? And there are so many costumes in this show that are so unique, detailed and special.

Costume designer Mark Koss said Marvel gave him some leeway when creating the iconic looks for the show so long as he kept everything within the “vocabulary” of those characters. He really focused on staying true to tradition but giving each costume – from Groot to Wasp to Iron Man to Nebula – a look that “makes it feel special and powerful now.”

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes Costumes - The Everyday Mom Life

Iron Man's Costume for Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes - The Everyday Mom Life

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes - The Everyday Mom Life

The Feld Entertainment Costume Closet…errr warehouse…

Defend yourself

The next part of the make-believe magic behind the show’s spectacular is the fighting. Whether you’re a good guy or a bad guy, you need to know how to throw a punch or take a punch, for that matter. The choreography becomes more like a dance than a fight scene when you slow it down and learn all the steps. I was able to try my hand at it…and then I actually karate chopped the guy in the stomach. Opps…

Hey Mom, you'll enjoy these too!

Learn to fly

Whether the super heroes are flying through the air on dirt bikes, dancing with scarves suspended from the ceiling or soaring while attached to wires, stunts are a huge part of each scene. The skill and precision required to do some of these things is unmatched and most of the cast has been working on these skills all their lives. Many were gymnasts that transition into dance or some version of theater and others began riding on two wheels early on in life to learn some of the foundational skills that translated into this show’s performance.

Practice, practice and practice some more

The cast trains 11 hours a day and six days a week! With all the fighting and the stunts the practice time is necessary to make the show flow smoothly and avoid pitfalls. As a viewer, you almost never think about just how much goes into making it all happen. You forget that this is someone’s job to make you, “Ooooo,” and, “Ahhhhhh,” but just like any job it takes a lot of work.

Overall Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes will be an experience the whole family can enjoy. Not only does the show provide children and adults glimpses of all their favorite characters, but it also reaffirms positive messages such as teamwork, kindness and loyalty as it captivates the imagination.

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes will be soaring into your city soon and will run through 2018. Find the complete listing of shows for the North American tour here. In 2019, the show will go aboard on an international tour.

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes - The Everyday Mom Life

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  • Robin Rue June 19, 2017 01.16 pm

    This was in my area last summer and we missed it. I sure hope they come back because I know for a fact that my boys would love it.

  • Jessica Joachim June 19, 2017 02.38 pm

    This looks like so much fun! My daughter loves the Marvel heros so she would love something like this.

  • Karen Morse June 19, 2017 04.34 pm

    Sounds like an amazing show. You can see how much hard work was put into these and I think it’s awesome! This is definitely a must see especially if you have kids who are huge fans of the characters!

  • Dean June 19, 2017 05.04 pm

    This looks like such a fun time! I think my kiddos would enjoy this for sure. Marvel is pretty big in our house. 🙂

  • Cassie June 19, 2017 09.48 pm

    This sounds like an awesome show! I’m sure my nieces and nephews would absolutely love it – they love all things marvel!

  • HilLesha O’Nan June 19, 2017 09.59 pm

    How awesome! I wish something like this will make it to Evansville, Indiana. My kids would be thrilled!

  • Erica June 20, 2017 12.23 am

    I can’t even imagine the amount of practice that goes into rehearsing for a show like this. It’s amazing. If I had little kids, I would definitely want to see this. Heck, my husband is a “big kid” and I could see him being into this too.

  • Pam June 20, 2017 01.24 am

    I love how much hard work and dedication got into these spectacular shows! The kids are sure to love it and the actors should be proud.

  • SavvyMomNYC – Ker (@SavvyMomNYC) June 20, 2017 02.01 am

    My youngest loves all these characters! This would be a great show to take her to see.

  • Marcie June 20, 2017 02.28 am

    My son would love to experience this show! He’s a big fan of super heroes!

  • Glenda June 20, 2017 04.00 am

    My son loves Marvel movies and I love watching it with him. I’m sure he would love this too!

  • rhianwestbury June 20, 2017 10.13 am

    I am a huge marvel/ superhero fan so this looks like such a fun day out x

  • Amanda Love June 20, 2017 12.11 pm

    As a huge marvel fan, I think this show is a must see! I’m sure my boys will love it as well. It’s awesome and it’s something to look forward to for sure.

  • Jeanine June 20, 2017 02.53 pm

    This sounds pretty epic. We love Marvel here in our house, so this will be a must see for sure. My boys will be excited!

  • Brittany Muddamalle June 20, 2017 04.05 pm

    Wow this would have been so cool to see in person. My whole family is super hero obsessed! My kids are the worst! They love them all!

  • Ana De-Jesus June 21, 2017 02.30 pm

    I knew that the choreography must be intricate but I never realized how many hours they spend training . That was a wonderful insight into Marvel films x

  • Heather Riccobono (@BrieBrieBlooms) June 21, 2017 08.26 pm

    My youngest daughter is just getting old enough for live action shows and is fascinated by super heroes. This would be great for our family! I love that my daughters are not limited to just the princesses. They love these characters just as much!

  • Dr. Elise Cohen Ho June 21, 2017 10.20 pm

    What a great and informative post. It is so much more than the typical review post.

  • nmetolen75 June 21, 2017 10.37 pm

    That is so cool! I know my son would love to see a show like that. The costumes are amazing!

  • reesann723 June 22, 2017 01.42 am

    Oh wow this looks awesome! How cool you got a sneak peek like that. I need to see if this is in our neighborhood anywhere!

  • Jenn June 22, 2017 05.12 pm

    What a cool show! I’m sure my husband would be interested if it came around to our area!

  • rogerspartyof5 June 22, 2017 07.13 pm

    This looks like such a fun event! My kids aren’t into Marvel yet, but I bet my son would still enjoy it!

  • CourtneyLynne June 22, 2017 08.48 pm

    Omg what a fun show!!! Definitely something my daughter and hubby would enjoy since they are super hero obsessed

  • Angela June 23, 2017 02.56 am

    Such a fun experience!! Jack has just started getting into super heros. He would absolutely love this!

  • Kristen June 23, 2017 03.16 am

    This looks like so much fun! I bet the show was amazing! My nephew and BIL went to Marvel on Ice a few years ago and said urban was super cool.

  • Amanda June 23, 2017 04.04 am

    This looks like so much fun! I cannot wait until my son is old enough to enjoy superheroes and these movies. We are definitely a Marvel family!

  • Misty Nelson June 23, 2017 03.04 pm

    Oh, my son would freak out over this! He LOVES superheroes, and this looks like such an exciting show. I’m so glad you shared this, I had heard about it but had no idea it was this cool. We’ll definitely be checking it out

  • Kimberly June 25, 2017 03.46 pm

    My son would have died to see all those up close! My oldest and my husband saw something like this a year or so ago and he was mesmerized!


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