Scientists Find Possible Relief For Colic

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It happens to so many of us. We have a baby, bring them home, expect life to be perfect and full of comforting snuggles. Then that baby cries for hours and hours on end and almost nothing (sans running the vacuum right next to their heads or endlessly breastfeeding) seems to help. At your wits end you turn to your doctor, begging for help with your child, which is clearly possessed. Your doctor says one word that all parents have heard but don’t really understand until they’ve experienced it: Colic.

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What is Colic?

Colic is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of parents who have lived it. Personally, my daughter cried for almost 6 hours straight once. When my husband and I finally got her to sleep we were exhausted, irritated with each other and wondering if it would ever end. That was a common night for us for more than a month.

Defined as three hours of crying each day, for at least three days a week for a period of three weeks or more, colic is something that’s source has remained somewhat of a scientific mystery. It’s thought to be connected to gastro intestinal issues, but that’s about all the doctors and scientists have been able to discover.

Possible Relief for Colic?

However, even though the root cause is still unknown, there may now be some relief for colicky babies and their parents. A new study has provided the most comprehensive evidence that a probiotic called Lactobacillus reuteri is actually an effective treatment. This is currently on the market for a treatment for colic.

Trials were conducted in Italy, Poland, Canada and Australia with 345 babies with colic and the raw data suggests that the probiotic can help babies who are exclusively breastfed. The babies who received the probiotic were twice as likely to have reduced their crying by 50 percent after three weeks.

Results aren’t as conclusive about formula fed babies because only one of the trials included them, and all four trails had different conclusions about the overall effectiveness.

“Parents who are worried about their baby’s crying should still see a doctor to check that there is no underlying medical cause for their baby’s crying,” said Murdoch Children’s Research pediatrician Valerie Sung, lead of the Australian clinical trial, told “If parents are still keen to try something for their baby, then this probiotic is the best option.

“I think it’s not a cure for everyone, but certainly it might offer a little bit of help.”

The full findings can be found in Pediatrics, an American Academy of Pediatrics publication. More studies are needed to see if findings hold true and will expand to formula fed babies.

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  1. One of my nieces was colicky and it was terrible. Glad there is a possibility of some relief for the poor kids (and parents).

  2. my youngest is having such bad tummy troubles, granted she’s in a harness for hip dysplasia. This has alot of awesome information, thanks for posting!

  3. I experienced the horror that is colic, I tried everything from cutting dairy from my own diet (breastfeeding), cycling her legs, tummy massage… etc nothing worked! It’s insane there is this common thing in newborns that no one seems to know much about.

  4. That’s great news that will make many parents happy. My daughter didn’t have that problem when she was a baby but I know it’s so common. It’s wonderful that they’ve found a solution at last.

  5. I’ve never heard of Lactobacillus reuteri, but imagine how many parents will be forever grateful if it works? What an amazing find.

  6. I was lucky enough not to have to deal with this when my son was little, but I do remember my niece having it so bad. I used to stay with my brother in order to give them some peace at night while I watched the fussy baby.

  7. This is incredible! I was a colic baby and I often worry that when I have children they might be, as well. I’m glad there have been scientific breakthrough since I was an infant!

  8. This was one of my fears when my daughter was a born. I had read and heard so many horror stories and seen videos of colicky babies enough to be very afraid. Lucky for us we didn’t have any issues. I know that is not the case for a lot of parents so this would good news for many.

  9. This is great! My daughters were not colicky but I know many friends that struggled with this. Not being able to help your infant feel better is such a horrible feeling!


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