First Time Parents Will Do Almost Anything For More Sleep

Those first few months with a new baby are HARD. There’s no easy way around the learning curve when trying to parent a new, little human, and there’s no easy way through the sleep deprivation that comes with the new role.

In fact, a new survey by OnePoll on behalf of MattressFirm found that first time parents estimate they lose at least 2 hours of sleep each night when they have a new baby –  that’s 1/3 of the reported six hours they had before they became parents.

Out of 2,000 new parents surveyed, 48 percent said that sleep was their biggest challenge and they would eat only baby food for one year if they could get their bundle of joy’s sleep schedule to match their own.

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Additionally, the respondents said they would pay $1,598 on average for an extra hour of quality sleep each night.

You may think that’s a steep price tag but not when you see that 33 percent of parents admitted they fell asleep at work and 22 percent admitted they actually fell asleep standing up.

It comes as no surprise that they reported hearing, “You look tired,” an average of 144 times within a year.

But as it turns out, no one is sleeping much, including the bundle of joy.

The parents surveyed reported that they spend 74 minutes every day just trying to get their baby to fall asleep. That’s 19 full days over the first year of their life.

And it appears that mothers are the ones that are getting the short end of the stick lumpy side of the pillow.

Sixty-seven percent of female respondents said their partners slept more in the first year and their partners didn’t really push back. Only about 39 percent of men said they got more sleep than the new moms in the first year of a baby’s life.

“Many dads are increasingly interested in being more involved in all aspects of caring for their baby, but the dynamics of nursing and the fact that dad usually goes back to work before mom does mean that mom still handles the brunt of the overnight responsibilities,” said Erin Lindquist-Baker, director of talent acquisition for Mattress Firm and new mom.

Parents also reported that it takes an average of 169 days (six months) to adjust to parenthood. However, 34 percent said it took them even longer to adapt to the new, little life in the house eating up precious hours of sleep.

But, there is a reason babies are cute.

In spite of sleepless nights, 71 percent of those surveyed said they would have another baby.

“The opportunity to be a parent is a special, unique privilege,” Lindquist-Baker said. “Even after the sleepless nights, the changes in lifestyle and the tremendous responsibility of taking care of another person, we’re not surprised that most people would be eager to do it all over again.”

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  1. Oh my gosh, this would be the hardest part for me! I love to sleep! Good thing I don’t plan on having any kids 😛

  2. Wow I know you lose out on a lot of sleep but I didn’t think it was that much. I guess I have to look forward to sleepless nights in the next 6 months.

  3. oh gosh, I already don’t get enough sleep. I don’t know if my body could handle getting even less if my husband and I have a baby, lol. A new mommy friend I have says she actually sleeps more now than she did before she had kids though, so maybe I’ll get lucky like that too.

  4. It’s so true, those first few months of sleep deprivation are insanely hard. But, kind of like childbirth itself, you easily forget those hard days and do it all again for the next child! Luckily I worked from home so didn’t have the work issue, but that still needed my attention and alertness. Both of mine were bottle-fed after a few weeks so my husband split almost all of the nighttime feedings with me which was a lifesaver!

  5. Adjusting to the new flexible sleep schedule while being stressed and nervous as a new parent is such a challenge. If you have work and other responsibilities on top of that, it’s just crazy!

  6. Oh, I remember those days all too well. They are long gone and now it’s more aches and pains of getting older that keep me awake. LOL. The lack of sleep was worth it, though ~ to raise, nurture and love little humans into the young men and women they are becoming….priceless.

  7. This post reminds me that sometimes I would pretend I was fast asleep when the baby cried because I knew my husband would tend to the baby. That is how I got the extra sleep!

  8. My sister has three kids and she was so desperate at one time, she told me she would pay me $1,000 to let her sleep for 20 minutes. She wasn’t kidding, and of COURSE I gave her the afternoon off to nap, but I was SHOCKED!

  9. My 11 month old grandson lives upstairs in my home so all of us have lost some sleep over the past months. In fact, my son in law fell asleep on the toilet. He fell over, hit his head, and we had to take him to the ER. Doctor says it’s really pretty common! LOL

  10. My youngest was a challenging baby. I definitely would spend a year eating baby food or worse if it meant we both could have gotten some more sleep. So thankful for all the family who came to help.

  11. I remember losing sleep when my kids where babies. By the time you changed them, fed them and then got them back to sleep you didn’t get much sleep before they were up again. I was so thankful when they started sleeping through the night.

  12. This is such a nice post and it’s all true that every parent having a sleepless night when the baby’s arrived and me until now is experiencing that.

  13. Sleep deprivation can cause real harm in a person’s life. It is really one of the hardest parts of being a parent.

  14. My son was actually a fairly good sleeper, and after the first week I had no issues. His father didn’t do a thing to help though. He went to sleep at 10pm and woke up whenever he felt like it.

  15. THIS IS NO JOKE!!! My kids were LOUSY sleepers, both at night and at naptimes. Thank goodness I was blessed with a husband who did most of the overnight interruptions/waiting-for-2-hours-for-child-to-go-back-to-sleep for me!

  16. I am still adjusting to having a baby and he’s almost six years old. I don’t sleep like I once did. P.S. No regrets having these sleep stealing brats!

  17. I can easily remember the long kid is now almost 5 and still crawls in to bed with us some nights. Now with a new puppy it is the question of WHEN she will howl and cry …so far so good though lol

  18. I remember those long nights like it was yesterday. The lack of sleep as a new parent is the hardest but so worth it in the end.

  19. Oh how I remember those tiring days. It is exhausting but all worth it! I know this might sound strange but now that my kids are older I really miss it.

  20. Sleep because something of the past in those first few months. I know that it can be tiring but it is so worth it when you realize you made that tiny little being.

  21. Oh, I was blessed with a first child that loved to sleep and he learnt very fast! when he was only 8 weeks old he would sleep 8 hours per night plus 4 hours during the day in two naps. My daughter was a whole different story !! Sleeping is a learning process, because when babies are in the womb, they don’t have day and night, schedules etc. So adapting to their parents lives is going to be easy or difficult it depends on each baby.


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