Baby Name Trends: The Newest Way To Pick Your Baby’s Name

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Forget the old days when you picked a baby name from a baby book. That’s archaic. There’s a new way to pick your baby’s name today – see what domain names are available.

According to research from OnePoll sponsored on behalf of GoDaddy, as many as 1-in-5 millennials said they changed or considered changing their baby’s name based on what domain names were free.

Compared to Generation X, today’s parents are prepping their kids for life online before they are even born.

baby name trends

The research looked at 1,000 millennial parents from 24-38 and 1,000 Gen X parents from age 39 to 53. They found that the importance of having a strong internet presence for children has risen dramatically. In fact, 48 percent of millennials believe it’s important for their child to have a presence online early in life. This compares to just 27 percent of Gen X parents who have the same views.

Since millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips, it makes sense that their children would too. More than 50 percent of the millennials surveyed reported getting their first social media account between the ages of 10 and 17. About 20 percent of Gen X parents make the same claim.

But when it comes to buying a domain name for their new bundle of joy, millennials have the future in mind. The most important reason for creating a website for their new or still womb-bound baby? Forty-eight percent claim it’s for future job searching purposes. This is closely followed by 47 percent of parents who created the website for college application purposes.

More than a third of the parents that were surveyed (37 percent) believe that personal websites will take the place of social media in the future and want to be prepared.

Children of millennials have an average of 107 photos posted online before they can even take their first steps. Gen X parents reported posting only about half that number of photos in the same time period.

“More than ever, it’s essential to own your own identity on the internet, and millennials know that better than anyone else,” Schneider said. “Today’s parents know that the internet is woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and teaching them how to show up well online is vital.”

Parents in both groups were conscious of their children’s digital footprints and 94 percent of them said they would be speaking to their children about how to properly mange their online presence.

“The internet is where so much of life happens, and we’re seeing parents in today’s world make sure their children have a place for themselves online,” Schneider said. “Whether it’s to give them a leg up on school or work, or just to hold their spot for some future use, we expect to see registering for a domain become as common as registering for a stroller for new parents.”

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  1. Picking a baby name is serious business. When I had my first, Justin was my first name choice, but that was right when Justin Timberlake had Sexy Back out and he was super popular, so I decided to go with something else so no one thought I named my child after a pop star LOL.

  2. My kids don’t have really that much of an online identity yet. I have sort of shielded them from this a little. As they get older I will let them! I am just not there yet! It took my hubby and I forever to agree on a name for our kiddo! I love the names we picked and I hope they are strong names!

  3. We never used a baby book just discussed names we liked. In today’s world I can see this being popular way to look for names

  4. I have a rather unusual name so I really wanted common names for our kids. We picked out each of kid’s names to pay homage to family members and it fits each of them perfectly.

  5. I’ve never even thought about having a domain for my child or checking to see what domains were available before I named him. Interesting! I went with a family name 🙂

  6. I had no idea this was a new thing when it comes to picking out names! I always had to check what a name meant before I settled on it and how it would sound as a grownup name. My youngest grandson has his own Instagram. He’s 8 months old, but his name was chosen the old-fashioned way.

  7. It was easy to name my son since he was named after his Dad and Papa.

    But my daughter was tricky. I read a lot of books, so I would suggest names from characters I loved over the years. I also preferred the “old fashioned” names, which is how I came up with Natalie. My husband liked it too, thank goodness! Her middle name is Elizabeth, after Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII’s daughter. I liked how she kicked butt and didn’t let the men boss her around.

  8. This is new information for me! We did not use a name book, but we also did not check to see if our daughter would have a domain name free. She has a pretty old fashioned name, so even though its simple, it is unique for her age bracket.

  9. This is very interesting. I didn’t think about online presence when I was choosing a name for my ow 2-year-old, but I did secure a gmail account for him as soon as his name was picked.

  10. Everything is so different now that people live a lot of their lives online. Baby naming is always going to be a big responsibility though.

  11. I guess it makes sense in this day and age. I know I used a book when naming my daughter and for my son it came down to family names.

  12. I have to say, I never thought to look at what domain names were available when picking my kids names a few years ago. We just went with the names that we liked the most together and that was it!

  13. It’s such a difficult decision sometimes to find the perfect name for your baby. It makes sense in today’s technology age that that would become a factor in choosing the name.

  14. Wow. Domain names. Really. That’s very interesting! Talk about being a digital generation. I think my uncle picked my name out of a magazine, it was very random and so very analog lol!!

  15. This is the first time I have heard about this. I am an elder millennial, but I have my children young. This concept of creating webpages for your kids? I believe that some are thinking of that but what about the psychological impact digitial and social media is having on our children? We are just now starting to see the effects. I will admit. I am a little scared.

  16. Times sure have changed in a rather short period of time. My oldest is 13 and I picked his name from family names and he still isn’t on social media, I do like the idea of getting them there own URL now though that seems like a cool idea.

  17. This is crazy! An online presence at such a young age scares me. I had no idea people were so concerned with their children’s names and what’s available for domains??

  18. These are some amazing tips! As parents we put so much pressure on ourselves. I think picking out a name was the hardest.

  19. So are these parents registering the domains? Otherwise someone else might pick up the domain eventually.

    When my wife and I were trying to figure out a name for our son, we checked out the Social Security’s website. They have a list of names based on popularity over the years.


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