Friday Favs & Finds: Best Baby Products

Now that my son is 1-year-old, we are officially done with baby things. I feel like I’m in a place to really understand what was actually helpful to have when you are living with and raising a baby. So this edition of Friday Favs & Finds waves goodbye to a chapter in my life, but I hope that all of you will find this list helpful if you are going to have another baby or have one now. Check it out below.

Friday Favs & Finds: Best Baby Products

1. The Rock’n Play Sleeper. This was by far my favorite baby product and I found it a necessity. My daughter had silent reflux and my son had just plain ol’ reflux and this product really helped with that  because it kept them at a good angle. Not only that but they enjoyed sleeping in this more than anything else because it kept them snuggled and cozy. This one is a newer model of the one I had and it rocks itself! My cousin has one of these for her twins that rocks itself and one that doesn’t. She prefers the one that rocks itself because the babies prefer to be rocking. This is one buy you won’t regret.

2. A good sound machine. We have two of these because I ended up buying it for my daughter too. It is also a projector and she loves watching the sky scene. She often falls asleep on the floor of my son’s room while I put him to sleep. It provides many options for sound including rain, the ocean, a heartbeat sound, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Rock-a-bye Baby. We use the rain in my son’s room and the ocean in my daughter’s. I have to say that I’ve even considered buying one of these for my room. The ocean sound starts to get to me every time and if you’ve been following the blog you know I have some trouble falling asleep.

3. A reliable wet bag. I discovered these with my daughter because I wanted something better than a plastic bag to put her swim suit in after swim lessons. I immediately fell in love with this product because it was cute, simple to clean and kept everything else in my bag dry – unlike my plastic bag. This is the exact one I bought with her and I’ve bought another two over the years for my son. They come in a variety of different patterns and hold up really well. I still have the one we used for my daughter and I purchased it over three years ago. It still looks like it is new. The only reason I’ve purchased additional ones is because I wanted two (one for each) and then I keep misplacing them from time to time. These are also a lifesaver if you have a diaper blow out. You just dump the contents of the bag into the washing machine at home and the throw the bag in too.

4. The Boppy Pillow. I’ll be honest, I didn’t use this as much with my daughter once she was past the newborn stage. However, I used it for months with my son because I was breastfeeding him and this made it easier. We learned the football hold in the hospital, which is what they typically show you if you have a C-section, and this pillow was a lifesaver when we got home. It helped me get him at the right angle to aide him in latching appropriately. It also made it easy for his big sister to hold him without my hands on him too. Although I stayed right next to her, she liked to be a big girl and hold him without me “helping.”

5. Burp cloth and bibs. I adore this product by Aden + Anais. It was my favorite burp cloth due to its softness and the way it curved. It also wasn’t stiff, like I found many of them to be. Then, once they are older, this burp cloth snaps together and becomes a bib. I loved using this as a big because I found that it would actually catch food. I disliked plastic bibs because I found that food always slid down them and ended up in my baby’s lap. This bib will be a mess by the time your baby doesn’t need it anymore, but that’s the point. It comes in a variety of cute patterns for a girl or a boy and neutral prints.

6. A lid-locking snack cup. These snack cups were the best I found. They have a lid that goes over the cup so you can throw it in your bag without worrying about snacks squeezing out. Then, that lid folds over and snaps on the bottom so you can attach it to rings so it can’t be thrown from a stroller. The plastic part that keeps the food in is also stronger than some other cups too. With other cups I’ve found my kids could turn the cup upside down and shake it the snacks out, but since the plastic is tougher here they can’t do that. It also comes in a variety of colors so that you can grab it for a boy, a girl or either.

7. Changing pad and cover. Instead of buying a changing table, we just used this. I didn’t see the point in buying a changing table because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it once the babies were too big to change. When they were small, the changing pad was on top of the dresser. Once they got bigger, I just put this on the floor with a diaper caddy and changed them there. I liked this changing pad cover the best because it was soft and not as cold as the plastic pad itself. Also, it made for easy cleaning that I could just take it off and toss it in the wash with everything else that I was washing.

8. Space saver high chair. When it came to feeding tome, I had the same mindset with a highchair purchase as I did about a changing table. What the heck was I going to do with a high chair once they were done with it? Instead of buying a separate high chair, I bought this when my daughter was born and my son is using it now. I liked a lot of things about this high chair. 1. It has a cover so it is softer than just a plastic chair. The cover comes off so you can clean it as do the straps. 2. It reclines for when they are a bit smaller. It’s not a full incline, but once the kids were three months old (good head control), we put them in this so they could sit at the table with us. Then when they start eating solids it sits up straight.  3. It connects right to my chair so I didn’t have to buy another big, bulky baby item that would quickly become obsolete. My daughter was in this until she was almost two and once she was a little older we were able to take the tray off and push this right up to the table. The chair comes in a variety of patterns so you can find something you will like.

9. An exersaucer. We have had this exersaucer since my daughter was born and we really love it. It has enough different activities that it would keep the kids busy for awhile and it’s light enough that we were able to move it from room to room. In fact, this has ended up in my bathroom so that I could shower and the kids could play while confined. It became the best way for me to get ready in the mornings without having to chase after the kids. Again, my daughter stayed in this until she was almost two. My son is a different story. He sees everyone else walking around and wonders why he is trapped. 🙂 But, this thing has provided me with the ability to have appropriate hygiene while keeping my kids safe so it has been a must.

10. Pacifier attachment. If you decide to use pacifiers, or end up using them out of necessity, then you will want a binky attachment. This was always helpful in the stroller, car seat, shopping cart, etc., especially once your baby discovers how fun it is to toss everything off the side of whatever they are in. The short string won’t get wrapped around their neck in anyway and the clip in the end can attach to the straps of the car seat, stroller or even their clothing. We used these for both kids and once they were old enough to take their pacifier out of their mouth (usually to put something else in) it was always nice that we didn’t lose the pacifier too.

11. A video monitor. I will tell you that for me this is a good and bad product. I believe there is no way I could live with out it, but I also spent a lot of time watching the kids while they napped in the beginning because I was so worried about them. I think nowadays, this is pretty standard for everyone. I don’t have this exact one because I still have the one I bought with my daughter. Since they are an investment, we stuck with our old one. However, if I were going to buy another one, I think this would be it. The quality is so much better than the one I bought four years ago. It has a big screen and a lot of features that I would have appreciated with the technology as a new mom. If you don’t have one yet, or are looking to purchase a new one, check this one out.

12. BONUS! Roomba Vacuum. I’m only half kidding about this purchase. My husband bought it for me before I had my son last year for my birthday. He thought the crazy cleaning I had been doing was going to last forever. Unfortunately for him, I was nesting and have reverted back to my normal cleaning ways. However, the Roomba has been my son’s favorite toy. It was an unintended outcome, but he will chase this around the house while it cleans. It’s funny to watch and I like the fact that he can’t get his fingers stuck or hurt too.

So that’s it for this week’s Friday Finds & Favs! Obviously there are many, many more things that could be added to this list, but these were products and baby gear that I really loved. They all made my life easier and I buy some of these things for others for baby shower gifts. Have a happy weekend, everyone!



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