How Shopping In Bulk Has Changed Our Lives: The Magic Of Buy In

My husband likes to argue with advertisements to dispel their arguments about savings. He is never impressed by the “total amount saved” at the bottom of receipts.

“It isn’t a deal if it was money you wouldn’t have spent anyway,” he says.

how shopping in bulk has changed our lives - the everyday mom life


All of his little comments often make me think before making a purchase. Is it worth buying two shirts to get the third free when I really only wanted one shirt? I am generally very frugal and logical when it comes to spending money. But then enters in the co-op.

Social media has changed life in general, but it has also changed options for shopping. There are direct sales that focus on social media parties. I have gotten invited to three make-up parties online in the same day! But it has also made wholesale shopping a real possibility with social media groups.

There are hundreds of groups out there called co-ops, online boutiques and wholesale buy-ins. The concept is as follows:

Hundreds or thousands of people are in a group with similar shopping goals in mind. You are typically added by a friend who knows you are looking for something in particular, has a kid the same age or something like that. A leader finds deals on items at wholesale prices and takes orders from the group through the social media platform. The leader receives the items, sorts them out, and ships them to the individual buyer. The leader typically charges a small co-op fee of a few dollars, in addition to the shipping charges to get the items to your house. Depending on the set up of the group, new items go on sale daily, weekly or monthly.

As I type this out, I do realize how stupid this sounds. Between the co-op fees and shipping, a lot of the savings at wholesale prices is lost. Oh, but this doesn’t stop me! Do you know why? Because who doesn’t want to buy extremely cute hair bows for every occasion for $1.25 each? Who doesn’t want to stock up on headphones with the hands free microphone for $.79 each? Who doesn’t want those amazing water balloons that fill right up all at once for less than $3? Don’t get me started about shopping for cloth diapers. Those were like my gateway drug.

Here is the trick of it that really gets me. Many of these items are ordered from over seas and take around six weeks to get your order. By this time, there my have been 6 more buy ins! That means I may have ordered a few more times before ever even receiving anything. I have forgotten about the orders so when they arrive in the mail it is like a fun surprise.

I now have more hair bows than I know what to do with and more on the way. My one daughter is out growing the whole hair bow thing and the other doesn’t keep them in her hair for more than five minutes. My car seats are littered with them. I have 8 sets of headphones to be prepared for when a kid loses theirs or I wash mine or drag them down the street because they are dangling from the car. The sound quality isn’t that great, so that is a bummer.

But have I told you about the cute outfits? See, I can be totally sucked back in.

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