Reasons To Love The January Lull

Happy family at sunset. Father, mother and two children daughters are having fun and playing on snowy winter walk in nature. The child sits on the shoulders of his father. Frost winter season.

Something magical happens after the holidays – when all the Christmas decor is put away, the kitchen no longer smells like cookies and the days aren’t packed with things that have to get done – there is a calm that takes over the whole family. When life is no longer packed to the brim, everyone gets a little bit of breathing room and life evens out.

January is a month I sometimes long for. It seems like the months of June through December fly by each and every year. Summers are never long enough, autumn brings the rush of back to school and then once Halloween hits the holidays are upon us. Those months you just go, go, go. Sometimes I find myself just waiting to check the weekends and activities off on my to-do list. The days are so packed and there is pressure to squeeze in all the summer, fall and Christmas “required” family activities.

Then January comes along and everything stops. My children aren’t in a lot of sports yet, and nothing in the winter, so our weekends empty out. With the usual snow and bitter cold of a Chicagoland January most people seem to go into hibernation. I have to say, I love it. The last three weekends we have had nothing we have HAD to do and it’s been glorious.

For us, January has become this lull in a year of busy family life and in doing so, it really gives us an opportunity to connect to each other on a different level. My husband and I take time to work on projects, together and at our own pace. My children and I clean their rooms together. I have time to actually show them what drawers their clothes go in versus just shoving them in, and I spend some time attempting to show them how to fold their clothes. We snuggle with the fireplace on, under blankets and read without me worrying about what is due the next week. We play games. We pretend we are super heroes. (My daughter and I have recently perfected a move where she runs at me, I put out my feet and lift/fly her onto the couch. She is Wonder Woman. I am the bad guy.) We color more, we make more crafts, paint and play with play-dough.

These very basic things, that we do do throughout the year, become even more enjoyable because we aren’t on an over-scheduled timetable. During other months of the year I often feel like I’m rushing through all these activities so we don’t miss something else. In January I have time to soak it all in and really live in these mundane little moments that mean everything to me.

Motherhood has turned into all these fleeting days for me. They’re going by too fast and I can’t seem to slow them down. My kids are still young but I see the changes in them everyday. I see the hints of a tween in my daughter, the sparkle of an elementary school boy in my son – and I see it all slipping away.

So while most people hate January because of the cold and the snow, I’m relishing in it. It’s the one month of the year where my family gets to just be a family without all the distractions and obligations of the outside world.

My goal this year (call it a resolution, if you will) is to take the moments we have and have the moments we take. I’m keenly aware that this stage of life isn’t going to last forever and I want to really live all of it. Hopefully I can squeeze in a lot of living before spring hits – when I have to open the windows and let the world in again. Until then, I’m going to enjoy living in the lull.



  1. I really like the way you look at January. I have always looked at January as a month where I literally don’t want to do anything, at all. It’s sort of a depressing month for me. Nothing is happening. I’m glad I read your post, I now have a different take on January.

  2. I totally agree! January can seem like a weird “in between” month because it’s the end of the holiday season but I love that it’s a month focused on taking a breather from all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. And as bloggers it’s a super exciting month to launch into so many new ideas for content!

  3. Wait, how do you get this mysterious January lull? All of our activities picked back up the week after school vacation, so we are in full swing over here.

  4. This is so true! The months before can be so busy- I love the time we can relax and enjoy the winter time. We are gearing up for a baby in early April so we are really trying to enjoy all of these moments with our other children before then!

  5. This is such an interesting take on the January lull. For me, December is my favorite month (it’s my birthday month, as well as Christmas of course) and I’m always sad when it’s over. Reframing it like this really helps!!

  6. I wish my Januaries were a lull! I am currently swamped because I take off a few weeks in December but we have a lot of birthdays and activities throughout January. February/March time is my jam!

  7. I’m definitely one of those people who hates the winter cold! I live in Oklahoma, and the wind chill is -7 right now…BOO!!! Days like today are exactly the type of days when I would do the same thing as you…snuggle by the fire, take the time to spend together, and recharge for when life does get crazy

  8. I really enjoy January & February too for the reasons you listed. It’s also nice in January because it feels like a start-over as we just came into a new year.

  9. This year was extremely busy before the holiday season and being pregnant, the baby took a lot out of me along with the deadlines. I am so grateful for the lull this year.

  10. The January lull is so welcome sometimes, isn’t it?? We had a crazy Christmas but now we’re all suffering with the flu — tbh, I’d give anything to be better and out of the house doing something right now though! haha. Enjoy your family time — it really does just go by so fast xx

  11. I’m right there with you. Granted, I normally leave my Christmas decorations up through January but because I want to actually have the time to enjoy them after the nonstop going of summer through the holidays. It starts to ramp up in the spring and doesn’t slow down til now it feels like. As it is, my husband is working from home today due to snow, my 3 year old and I are stuck in the house for the same reason. We’re all in our pjs and cozy. It’s nice to be forced to slow down and just breathe. Very needed after all the rushing around.

  12. I’m a big Christmas lover and we go all out but I must say I really do love the January lull. Its a great time to just spend with the kiddos and family without all the hustle and bustle.

  13. I have truly loved the January lull! We’ve had a few snow days and made the most of the family time together with no place we need to be but with one another.

  14. Your so right January is the lull month where things slow down. I usually need it as a break from the Christmas holiday that we have just come from. it’s a great time to reflect and regroup.

  15. Sounds like you get to have a lovely January. My January is the complete opposite – so busy! I wish sometimes I could just have a day of doing nothing, but there is absolutely no chance of that!

  16. I’m a big fan of the January lull. Of course, it gets a little nervous with income if you’re self-employed like me, but I know it’ll pick back up. Before it does, I use the time to connect more with my family and get organized for the coming year.

  17. I enjoyed reading this. My hubby and I were just talking about how January is a sad and cold month. We grew up in a tropical country so we really aren’t huge fans of the dreary winter weather. I am loving my January because my hubby and I have started the KonMari method of tidying up our home. I am committing this month to decluttering and I am slowly seeing the positive results bit by bit.

  18. I do like the January lull. Sometimes it feels like a bit of a slump since the weather is so cold and dreary too, but I think it is a nice change from the craziness of the previous months.

  19. I usually equate January to seasonal depression because it is so grey and cold here. I do love your perspective on the positives. I surely do need a break after the holidays!

  20. Same with you, January is my very lull month of the year wherein I have a lot of time to do my household chores, having time to rest, time with myself and with my family.

  21. I’m glad January is a nice break for you! For our family, it’s the start of “birthday season” and we seem to have parties to attend every weekend Jan-Mar! Things slow down end of March and it’s nice to get our weekends back!

  22. It’s a perfect time to slow down for us to. Even with two birthdays, it’s still seems peaceful and quiet. It is nice to get things in order for the rest of the year as well. The winter break from school is a nice break too.


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