Creating Pesticide Free, Organic Play Areas For Kids

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Most moms I know are focus on feeding their kids the best foods, and for many of them that means organic foods.

However, I know many moms still struggle with this. Some can’t afford it. Some don’t believe all the “hype” and many are just somewhere in between on the organic debate.

But no matter how you feel about the whole organic food situation, the food you serve your kids isn’t the only place they might be coming into contact with harmful pesticides.

Have you ever thought about what kinds of chemicals are used on the school playground, the sports’ team fields or at your local parks to keep the grass lush and green?

Unlike organic foods, this is probably a topic you haven’t thought about much.

Food Is Only Part Of The Story

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Stonyfield Organics, it was found that 69 percent of parents are looking to lessen the amount of pesticides in the foods they serve their families. About 68 percent of the parents in the United States are more likely to buy a product labelled as organic in an effort to avoid pesticides. But food is only one part of the story.

More than 26 million kids play sports on fields and 65 percent of this fields are sprayed with harmful pesticides according to Stonyfield Organics, and 67 percent of parents don’t consider playgrounds, sports fields and their own backyards to be of concern.

With more than 35 years of experience in converting farm fields for their organic Stonyfield cows, the Stonyfield Organics company has become an expert in how to make land safer for animals and people alike.

Your Skin Is The Body’s Largest Organ

Stonyfield Organics not only wants to make sure that our food is safe, but they also want to make sure that you’re not absorbing harmful chemicals in places you think are safe for your children. After all, your skin is your body’s largest organic and can absorb chemicals and toxins too.

Stonyfield has been working with communities across the United States and organic experts to stop the use of pesticides on playing fields. Their goal is to educate and give communities and community leaders and parents the tools they need to convert their fields and backyards to organic and maintain them in a way that will be safer for our children.

This is how it works:

Every year – or maybe multiple times a year – your sports fields and parks are sprayed with pesticides to either cut down on bugs or to keep the grass green – usually both.

However, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, these chemicals can be potentially carcinogenic. When playing in these places, children (and you too) are directly exposed to these chemicals. They can be inhaled, absorbed into skin and even brought home to your house via shoes and jackets. According to Stonyfield, your children are more sensitive to these harmful effects because they weigh less, and their organs and detoxifying systems are not fully developed.

Many of the commonly used chemicals are either proven or likely to be endocrine disruptors, which means they can interfere with the development of children’s immune, reproductive or metabolic systems.

Find out more about pesticides on playing fields HERE.

Making The Change

But how do you start the process of getting your community to change and convert their public spaces to organic spaces? Stonyfield has a 4-step plan that includes:

  1. Find out what your community policy is on spraying chemicals in public areas.
  2. Look for groups and organizations in your community already working to create change.
  3. Form a group of concerned community members.
  4. Learn from communities that have already experienced success.

Read all the details and tactics for putting this simple plan into action HERE.

Also, check THIS MAP to see if your community is already on the list and see if your town has any policies in place for pesticide free parks and public spaces.

To read more about Stonyfield Organics and their overall mission, click HERE. To find tips for shopping organic, click HERE.


  1. I used to be one of those “because it’s organic, it’s probably more expensive” person, only to find out the prices are sometimes cheaper or comparable. I know in our community, schools do their lawn treatments on weekends, when kids aren’t in class. They also use products that are less harmful to pets and humans. I applaud Stonyfield for working with communities in the quest for pesticide-free playing fields.

  2. We need so much more of this! I try to stay away from chemicals in everything I guy. I don’t love the idea of my kids being exposed to them on the playground.

  3. I need to find out what they use on my grandkids playing field. They all play sports and I’ve never thought to ask. I will now.

  4. We don’t use any kinds of pesticides or chemicals in our yard and I am happy it’s that way. I want my kids to be safe outside.

  5. Never thought to do this and as a mom to a child who has allergies to 99% of outside this is a must to know so that I can keep him safe from things that may take his allergies to a new level

  6. I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve never even considered this. What a great initiative to bring awareness to communities. I’ve always loved Stonyfield.

  7. Wow, what a great point — I have been totally overlooking the fact that pesticides could be in the grass and in the fields that my son is out playing in. PS – My son loves Stonyfield Organics Yogurt!

  8. Forming a team of concerned community members is a great first step to tackling the problem. With more voices in the mix, you have a better chance of having the powers-that-be listen up and make the changes that keep our kids safe while playing.

  9. If you are concerned about pesticides in food but overlooking the other places your kids might be coming into contact with it, you are definitely only seeing half the picture. I never even considered this.

  10. I never gave much thought about the pesticides used on sports fields before. This article has definitely influenced me to take a look into my community’s policies on pesticides – my kids are at the parks every day in summer!

  11. I never thought of creating a space outdoors for my kids. I have stayed away from buying any cleaning products for over the last 15 years though that have yucky chemicals.

  12. Keeping it clean is the best no more chemicals or pesticides, It’s so good to be environment-friendly. Kids are really having fun together.

  13. My son used to play soccer and I sure never thought about those fields being sprayed with pesticides. Thanks for the enlightenment. And kudos to Stonyfield Organics for creating such a great mission.

  14. This is on my mind all the time. Our communities are sprayed and loaded with pesticides and chemicals of all kinds.
    That is why we do not know what’s really the cause for this or that seemingly inexplicable discomfort or pain.
    I love the solution steps on how we can make a difference and start acting it into life today.

  15. Wow! I never even thought to look into what the parks are using in their fields. I will have to start looking into that as my daughter is getting older.

  16. We stay away from pesticides in our yard. I’m glad that you’re sharing some ways that people can start the conversation and move their communities away from harmful pesticides.

  17. i am glad it is noted that the largest organ on our body is our skin and it can absorb alot of toxins if we arent careful. We should start looking into more organic play for the kids.


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