15 Ways To Have Me Time When You’re A Stay At Home Mom

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There’re those moments, before everyone else wakes up or right after everyone goes to sleep, that you can sneak in a little peace and quiet in your day. It’s a stillness that’s not often found in many moments of motherhood – when you can hear the sound your house makes, maybe a TV softly playing in the background, your dog walking across the floor and the hum of your refrigerator.

As summer starts to wind down, you might feel like you haven’t had a chance to breath. The days seem to have moved at a breakneck pace this year with one day bleeding into the next, overflowing with sunshine, swimming and playdates. With the kids at home and plenty of things to do, it’s difficult to find some me time in motherhood.

But we all need it. We need those moments where we can take a deep breath, let the day wash over us, close our eyes and spend time in our own heads.

So how do you spend those few precious moments, especially when you can’t physically get away? Where do you find them in the craziness of the days?

Do you wake up earlier than your kids, go to sleep much later (me) or are you lucky enough to have kids that still nap so you can recharge in the afternoon?

Whatever time of day is yours, here’s a few ideas for how to spend it when you’re at home so that you can feel rejuvenated for the next busy moments.


I will tell you this is usually my favorite way to spend my “me time.” However, since injuring myself six months ago I have yet to be able to go at this full force. Still, exercise is perfect for the morning when you’re motivating yourself to start your day. It’s also great for naptime when you need an extra pick-me-up. Whether you’re a runner, a yogi or like a good spin class, all of these activities will allow you to take a deep breath (probably a lot of them) and spend time in your head.

Enjoy your favorite dessert

While exercise is wonderful for the morning or afternoon, it’s not the best nighttime routine. After everyone’s gone to bed, I like to indulge with Betty Crocker ® Mug Treats. With just one coffee mug and one minute I’ve made myself a bedtime treat that I can enjoy while reading a book, watching a movie or doing absolutely nothing.

The Betty Crocker ® Mug Treats are perfectly portioned for one person and you can make it in the microwave. There’s no need to turn the oven on and it’s easier than making say, a pan of brownies that I would continually be tempted with.

All the varieties also have toppings so you can make them as individual as you and clean everything up without the kids or your spouse knowing you ate it (which is a bonus here because the kids will get upset if I eat treats without them).

Meditate or learn to meditate

I don’t do this yet but have been dying to learn! I truly believe that mediation is good for the mind, body and soul and everyone who meditates swears by it. You can find plenty of free YouTube tutorials out there to help you begin to learn and I plan to take advantage of them soon.

Read a book

Reading on a regular basis actually makes you more intelligent from a very early age but reading also increases your brain power. Think of it as exercise for your brain. Regular reading is said to help with memory and brain function as you age by keeping your mind sharp.

I’m trying to commit to making Friday nights my reading nights.

Take a shower or a bubble bath

Save this one for the end of the night, especially if it’s a bubble bath. A bath is a great way to let your body relax and heal it from the day. The atmosphere, scents and hot water all work together allowing your muscles to relax and heal you.

Bring your Betty Crocker ® Mug Treats into the bathroom too and you can indulge while soaking in silence or with soft music.

Write in a journal

Take a few moments to jot down your thoughts about the day. Write about the good and the bad and see if it helps bring clarity to any situations you’ve been struggling with.

Grab a little more shuteye

Sometimes you just need a nap. If the kids are still at the age where they are napping, allow yourself to nap too. Tell yourself that the dishes can wait and lay down to close your eyes. Or allow yourself to wake up 15 minutes later or go to bed an hour earlier. Sometimes you really just need sleep.


For adults, coloring produces feeling similar to meditation according to the Cleveland Clinic. It helps to relax your brain and anything from the day that’s been difficult melts away. Because it’s such a low-pressure situation and has no real consequences if you mess up, it can be more pleasurable than other things.

Sit with a cup of tea

There are many scientific and health reasons why tea is good for you but there’s something to be said for just sipping a cup of it in silences that’s good for the soul. Couple it with your favorite Betty Crocker ® Mug Treats for relaxing indulgence.

Put down the phone

During those me time moments, put your phone down and walk away or put it in a drawer so you can’t see it. This way you won’t get caught up in whatever is happening on social media and over stimulate yourself when relaxation should be a big part of me time.

Work in a garden

If you don’t have a garden, maybe think about potting some plants for fun. You can grow a garden in pots so you really don’t need a lot of space. There’s scientific proof that gardening is good for managing stress and may even help to fight depression.

Pamper yourself

Whether you like to paint your nails, slather on a body scrub, try out some new make looks or wear sheet masks, you can use this down time to make yourself feel prettier. Being a mom, I know I get stuck in a rut. I can easily be the frumpy mom that never gets dressed. Sometimes, forcing myself to do these things reminds me how much I actually like them and how important they are for my mental health.

Play photographer

Photography can be relaxing, specifically when you’re just playing with light and angles. Try photographing mundane things in your house from different perspective and get your creative juices flowing.

Create a to-do list

This may not sound like a good way to spend “me time” but I beg to differ. Anything I can do that helps me to be more organized always helps me to relax. Checking things off my list gives me a big sense of accomplishment so even though it doesn’t seem relaxing, it helps to ease my mind.

Flip through a magazine

Pick a magazine you love and get a subscription to it or buy it from the store. The joy of casually looking through the pages will help you to detach from whatever is happening in the world around you. I love to use magazines as inspiration so whether it’s a recipe or a room, a place to travel or the variety of places people call home – I can sit down with my Betty Crocker ® Mug Treats and my favorite magazine and find my head in-between the pages.

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  1. All great ideas for me time. Doesn’t matter what you do. Just do something that you enjoy and will refresh and let you get back to being mom

  2. It’s so hard to find that time alone. My evenings, after the boys go to bed, are usually full of catching up on tv shows or watching Netflix, cleaning up after dinner, sometimes a workout and hot shower, and I always read for about 20 minutes before bed.

  3. With a new baby I need me time so bad!! You have a great list of non tv things to do, which I like since I tend to get sucked into tv at night. I love a little treat at night too. Those mug treats look so good! I’ll have to try those.

  4. My kids are obsessed with those mug cakes! Sometimes I take a quick bath.. usually the kids leave me alone and I can relax for a few minutes, so it gives me some time to recharge.

  5. I’m a mother of a teenager so I don’t have kids underfoot all day but I am a work from home mom so finding me time away from everything is hard. I do love to read. And I have been wanting to try those Mug Treats.

  6. These are such good ideas. Being a stay at home mom is such a big job with very little downtime or time to yourself. As a working mom I might even need to take a few off this list.

  7. My “me” time is when I take naps. My children are grown and they understand that I need to take those all important naps during the day. I would love to learn to meditate too!

  8. Great ideas!! I need to start getting more of these moments for myself! I do like to sneak away after bedtime (when my husband is home) just to browse target or Kohl’s, it feels like a mini vacation!

  9. Me time for me with 8 kids is very rare. I try to have a bubble bath most nights to just unwind even if it’s for 5 mins to let my body just relax…. that’s my me time.

  10. This is very insightful and brings a perspective that I often don’t consider. I really respect and honor stay at home moms – they are nothing less than heroes and these are great tips to apply!

  11. Great tips. I have a lot of kids. My me time comes very early in the mornings and other than that, I get all the me time I need with a kid usually strapped to me. It’s all I need.

  12. Not yet a mother myself but definitely agree with what you said about needing a breather… Gonna need to try those mug treats tho!

  13. Awesome tips here! I love spending my me time buried in a good book and a cup of tea or coffee. Either that or I update my journal as much as I can. Me time is really important especially for moms, it helps them recuperate and relax.

  14. My favorite way to spend me time is have a cup of coffee while watching an episode of my favorite tv series or working out in the morning. I have to get me that mug cake to pair with my coffee


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