Bye Bye Buggy: The Annoyance Of Growing Out Of The Stroller Stage

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Let’s file this under first world problems, agreed?

My son just turned three and for at least the past 6 months I’ve noticed that we’ve had the stroller with us less and less. He’s always been a, “I wanna walk run,” kid and isn’t a huge fan of being contained.

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With his birthday last weekend, I feel like we have finally pushed that buggy for the final time. I even offered to give it away this weekend…for free. It’s an old City Mini and it’s still in excellent shape sans a few Goldfish crumbs, dirt and an unknown dusty red substance on the wheels. Free is a freakin’ good deal.

What I didn’t realize is that I would feel a bit naked without my trusty baby carriage.

I’ve honestly grown so used to having it around that’s it’s become a sort of fifth appendage when we are out and about. It carries and holds everything I could ever need plus somethings I don’t even know I need.

I was out and about yesterday and was immediately annoyed that I didn’t have it with me. I should note, I didn’t have my kids with me so even if I did have it I would probably look like a crazy person pushing it along.

That said, here are the reasons I was annoyed. I bet you’ll feel this too when you fold up the stroller for the final time so try not to judge me too harshly as I adjust.

There’s nowhere to put my purse/diaper bag

Let’s just admit right now that this should not be a big issue in life. Obviously, you slug it all over your shoulder and move on. However, when you get used to having the stroller, you either stuff it underneath it, hand it off the handle or use one of those fabulous mommy hooks. You’re hands free and it feels amazing.

There’s nowhere to put my drink

Anytime I’m out I have a drink with me. It could be water or iced tea or coffee. Whatever it is, my stroller attachments offered me somewhere to put it. This is honestly what set off this whole post because I had a large iced tea with me the other day, 32 oz., and I realized that I was going to have to carry it with me if I wanted to take it. Again, we’re back to the whole hands-free thing. You want all your hands while you’re shopping.

There’s nowhere to strap my child down when everyone is over their behavior

Aside from the ability to be hands free, the stroller offers a way to reign your kid in when they start going crazy. It’s like your own personal version of Ecto-Containment Unit when your kid decides to go nuts and slime things. And, I do mean literally slime things with whatever substance is coming out of their noses and mouths or covering their sticky fingers. Let me tell you, the people at Crate & Barrel don’t especially appreciate that. Now there’s no way to help you or those poor store workers.

Your phone does not have a “spot”

I’m now 100 percent more likely to lose my phone. I totally blame this on the stroller. In my stroller, my phone had a spot. I could see it, I could check it without touching it and I could also see if someone else grabbed it. Two weeks ago, I left my phone at Walmart when I was checking out because I put it down and it didn’t have a spot. I had simple brought my wallet in and my phone. I had no pockets. I had no “spot.” Luckily, a nice person brought it to the service desk. Now, God only knows where I will set this thing down so I can use a free hand to inspect home goods. Probably at Home Goods.

There’s no where to put snacks

May God help you if you take your kids to a store and don’t have enough snacks. Hopefully you’ve shoved enough of them into the diaper bag to last.

The mobile home base is gone

When we are out at the store, the stroller like the mobile home base. It carries everything, as noted in 1-5, and it is sort of a beacon if my kids are running around a rack of clothing while I’m trying to decide if a pair of pants will give me camel toe. I can yelp and everyone returns. When we cross the street my daughter, who out grew it at least two years ago at 4 but still begs to go in it, holds onto the handle so I can make sure she is in my line of sight. My son takes naps in it when we are out for a long day. It’s a piece of our home on wheels and sort of like our security blanket. Now they’re all going to be holding onto me and napping on me. I get hot flashes, they’re getting heavy and, as previously mentioned, they’re often sticky.

I wish it were the diaper bag we were ditching. I’m going to carry that to my grave though because my kid refuses to be potty trained.

The struggle is real.

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  1. I have to say I was actually glad to be rid of the stroller! I carry my stuff in a backpack so it’s really easy to keep on me. Now that my boys are both potty-trained, not having diapers and all that is absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. The stroller stage was the best. The kids were easy to transport, they couldn’t run away, and I had another place to store stuff. Ahh, the good old days.

  3. Oh I could see how this would be tough to let go! It would be like walking around without an extra purse or something suddenly!

  4. I love this and as a city mom whose stroller is basically her car – I relate so hard! I store everything in my stroller and whenever they are done with it, they walk soooo slow lol!

  5. This is the first year we are stroller free as well!!! It really stinks because I enjoyed pushing it and storing all my bags under it too!!

  6. I missed the stroller briefly but we had to have a double since we had twins. It was tough… so much attention with that thing. Loved it for all the reasons you mentioned but the questions and comments about twins was not something I missed.

  7. Some days I miss having a stroller just so that I could carry my own stuff in it. I’ll still bring one along sometimes just for my stuff, and my kids will go and sit in it. They’re a bit older, but will still use one haha.

  8. Im just having my final child but when that day comes to get rid of the stroller its definitely is going to be a sad one! Its just so convenient!


  9. I definitely miss having a place to store all of my crap, but at the same time it is so freeing to not need so many things when we are out and about!

  10. All my kids quite riding in a stroller at a very young age. They all insisted on walking, which was really irritating when we were on vacation and walking around town in the evening! My kids are older, but I swear I still use a big purse to store stuff!

  11. LOL! I honestly was glad to get rid of ours, too (no more lugging it around everywhere in the car) – BUT – I can totally see your point on all of these things!!! Never thought about it that way. Guess I just sprouted more pockets or something? I do remember several flying trips when my youngest was really beyond the stroller, but darn it all I brought that thing along anyway so I could schlepp stuff (i.e. NOT my child so much as their paraphernalia!) through the airport…

  12. haha i never even thought of these issues. Sounds like you need a massive tote (on wheels?) The nowhere to put my drink is a very serious thing indeed!

  13. We just had our fourth and last baby, and it’s weirdly hitting me hard that all these baby milestones and baby items are being used for he last time.

  14. Strollers definitely came in handy for so many things. It can definitely be challenging to move along from this stage.

  15. I totally dread the loss of the stroller but we have awhile to go heh my son is 9 months but a big boy! I will be surprised if we have the stroller for a couple more years.

  16. Hahaha! The struggle is too real. I remember the moment we stopped being able to take the stroller places like Disneyland. I missed having the ability to store stuff on it. Felt so bad when we didn’t have it any more.


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