Don’t Hit The Road This Summer Without This Road Trip Checklist

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Do you get overwhelmed when packing for a trip away? I do. There are so many things to get ready at home and to pack for myself, the two kids and my husband.

I find that packing for the kids is the hardest part of it all because there are some things I might forget that are irreplaceable on the road. I can’t just run into a drug store and find their special blankets or a worn, loved-on, slightly smelly stuffed animal.

This past weekend we were driving just about an hour away to go to my cousin’s wedding and I put off packing until the very last minute. I was literally shoving things in suitcases minutes before we would be walking out the door.

I had been stressing over how much I needed to pack for our family so of course putting it off was the logical choice, right? (My husband just loves my logic sometimes.) I ended up stress packing, which is like stress eating only you’re shoving anything and everything into a suitcase instead of your mouth.

Due to this, I forgot a couple things. Luckily, the items were not necessities and we were able to get by.

After the weekend was over, I decided I didn’t want to stress pack again, especially for the kids. We may take another trip or two this summer still and since I will be the main suitcase packer, I decided to create a better plan. Since summer is in full swing, I thought some of you might be packing up and heading off on road trips or vacations too.

Whether it’s a trip across your state or across the country, you can make sure you don’t leave anything behind with this list of must-haves for your kids. cations too and would appreciate my better plan; the Road Trip Checklist. This will surely help my mommy brain to work through the overwhelming parts of packing for the kids and I think it will help you too.

Grad the FREE Kids’ Road Trip Check List PDF in our printables section. Once you sign in, visit the checklists section.

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  1. You are right! There are so many things that need to be included, it’s totally crazy! We also like to take audio books (fairy tales usually work for all ages) and car pillows for naps.

  2. Wow this is like the ultimate checklist! Thank you! I feel like I can never get it together enough to remember everything i need, this will help!

  3. This is such a great checklist! I always stress over what I am leaving at home when I take my kiddos with me anywhere!

  4. My husband and I don’t have kids, but when we go on a road trip or traveling long distances, we make sure to make Spotify playlists, make sure we have phone chargers, and drinks and snacks just in case.

  5. I LOVE having packing lists. I just got back from one two-week vacation with my family in which we flew then did a lot of driving. Now I am getting ready for another two-week vacation that we are road-tripping (a 17-hour drive straight through). I have a whiteboard that I use to list every single little thing we need and cross it off as I pack it. I also have a list of things to do before we leave, too!

  6. It such a good thing to have a checklist when you are planning for a road trip, thank you for sharing this nice idea.

  7. We just took two road trips with the kids. One 18 hrs and one 25. Those were doozzies! Wish I had gotten a hold of your list before our trips. Saving for the next one for sure.

  8. Great idea! I let my older kids pack on their own – and you know what happens? One kid packs only 1 pair of pants, 1 kid loses a pair of pants and another kid only packs one pair of underwear for the entire week long trip–I could probably use a check list! lol!

  9. I love going on road trips… and this is such a helpful checklist! Keeping the kids entertained is crucial to the trip being enjoyable for everyone!

  10. This is great! We road trip a lot with our daughters and every time I think I have a great grip on what we need for a comfortable experience, our daughters fully change all their preferences!

  11. This is a great checklist for the road! You even include entertainment. 😉 You think of everything. Thanks for sharing this awesome list!


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