Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

A sure way to make me do something is to tell me that I can’t and act like you mean it. And you definitely better not tell me I can’t do something because I happen to be of the female gender.

I have clear memories growing up of feeling completely indignant over what I saw to be an injustice due to my gender. I remember being told to let a boy ride my new big wheel because he didn’t want to play dolls. Excuse me, neither did I. I was perfectly fine riding MY big wheel.

In 5th grade I was sent to the vice principal’s office for saying “bull crap” at recess during a heated four square battle. I know. I was pretty foul mouthed. It has only gotten worse. Anyway, the vice principal asked me why I thought I had been sent to her office. I said something along the lines of, “Because I said crap and I’m a girl so my teacher was surprised. That must be it because the boys use real swear words all the time and she doesn’t say anything to them about it.” She tried to hide a smile and said that I had pretty much figured it out and sent me back to class.

I would battle over Saturday chores. My brother would get the outdoor work and I would be stuck inside dusting or cleaning bathrooms. Neither of us liked this set up. We both wanted to switch but we were being taught the “proper gender chores”.

As an adult I have had a male boss tell me that I wasn’t considered for a merit raise because I took a maternity leave so it wouldn’t be fair to the male employees.  I overheard my boss say that he should stop hiring younger women they’ll just end up having kids and be unfocused afterwards. Even last week at work, I had a male client tell me that he firmly believed women belonged at home cooking and cleaning.

Tonight as I watched parts of the Democratic National Convention and the delegate vote was being called I could not help but get a little choked up every time someone would say they were casting their votes for the first female president of the United States. I’m not turning this into a political opinion post. I’m not even sure where I stand with Hillary Clinton’s politics. I’m just taking a moment to take in the fact that there may actually be a female president.

This isn’t a warrior princess in a cartoon movie giving little girls something to aspire to by demanding their own choice of who to marry. This is a real life woman running for the highest political office in our country. It amazing. It is inspiring. There is a real possibly that my girls  will get to grow up knowing they could be elected as the president and not the first of their gender.

Luckily I have never really had the desire to become president so nobody has really ever told me that I couldn’t. But maybe in a few months there will be fewer things that I’m told I can’t or shouldn’t do because I am a woman. What can’t a woman do, if after all, she can be president?


  1. I agree. Like you I’m Not sure where I stand with Hillary all I know is it is a great moment in history to know we may have a female president or for that matter that a woman is even consider a running mate.

  2. I am sorry you have experienced gender inequality in the work place. I have had similar experiences. I hope that things are getting better for our kids!

  3. I definitely won’t be voting for Hilary and not because she’s a woman, but mostly because I don’t trust her. But it IS amazing to even have a woman running for president. Times have certainly changed and they’ll keep changing and I’m glad I’m alive to see it happening! Great post xx

  4. Yessss. This was so well written. I probably won’t vote for Hilary, but if she does become president it will be an awesome thing to see the female gain more respect! I loved that about Obama getting to office, we were able to watch the first black president run America. Pretty cool!

    • It is a struggle for sure. Even though my husband will say he doesn’t think things are my job or duty I seem to be the only one who does them.

  5. I’m sorry to hear what you’ve experienced at work. I work from home so I’ve never had these issues, but it is frustrating to say the least that in 2016 those things are still happening. And I agree, no matter Hilary’s politics it is a HUGE deal that a woman is the official democratic candidate. It makes me so proud every time I think of that.

  6. Bravo! I was underpaid at two local schools where I was the only female administrator. It took some courage to request to be brought up to speed and they did do it after I asked. I’m glad to see history being made with Hillary Clinton, and agree with not sure how I feel about her politics.

  7. I am so happy to see things moving forward for women in this country. I always tell me girls they can do anything they want to!

  8. I agree. It’s not just about Hillary Clinton’s stand but it’s about a woman being able to dream about what they want to be in life without having to be stopped by men. It’s been a constant struggle for us throughout the years, but know, things are slowly changing.

  9. My family has had so many presidential campaign conversations over the past 6 months. Hillary being president would be awesome but for women and the country it goes far beyond the White House.

  10. It is great to see that women have a chance to even be in the running. Coming from a developing country like Malaysia, there is no chance of that. I’m glad I’m here in the USA now. God bless the USA!

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  11. Coming from a country (Indonesia) where a female president has led us many years ago, I believe US has the same possibility to make the same history. Women have brilliant vision and capable as men to make their dream come true, to do and to be whatever they want to do/to be.

  12. I’m excited that Hilary is the nominee. I really enjoyed meeting her when I was in grad school; she came to speak in our small common room and it was a very personal and intimate talk. It really is amazing that we finally have a woman nominee (whether one likes Hilary or not). I choked up a bit at that, as well.

  13. I have never really felt like I didn’t have equal opportunity with men, but sometimes I do wish that I could feel a little less guilty about my role as mom in order to accomplish more!


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