20 Fun, Educational Activities Preschoolers Can Do at Home

When parents are trying to balance their own work, it can be difficult to find activities that their preschoolers can do at home.

Preschool is a time of discovery for little ones. For many kids, it’s the first time they are interacting daily with kids their own age and having a full school experience.

The isolation at home can be just on hard on moms as it is on the kids. Here are a few simple educational activities that your preschoolers can do at home:

Activities preschoolers can do at home

Sight word scavenger hunt

Look up the Dolch sight word list and print them. Put each word on an index card.  Put a pile of books, magazines, pamphlets, menus in a pile. As you show your child the sight word and call it out, have your child find the word in the pile.

Counting with money

Give your child coins to practice counting money. You can also have them sort coins by size and/or value.

Pipe cleaner letters

Use pipe cleaners to form letters by bending them. To add more fun to this activity, have your kids add beads to the pipe cleaners. This is a great sensory play activity.

Sensory play is important for building fine and gross motor skills, brain development and problem solving skills.

Sensory play can also be very calming as it helps to regulate their emotions when kids are often overstimulated.

Make a sensory bin

You can make a sensory bin out of things you already have around the house. Find a medium sized plastic bin and put a variety of things in there that your child can play with like dry beans, rice, rocks, spoons, measuring cups, a plastic cup for scooping, hard plastic toys and tupperware containers that your child can put the rice and beans in.

Sensory bins are especially helpful for children with special needs.

Make a glitter calming jar

Use a water bottle that is 3/4 full (you don’t want to use a full bottle because it will overflow when you start to add the ingredients). Have your preschooler squeeze glitter glue into the bottle and sprinkle glitter into the bottle.

Once the glitter & glitter glue is in the bottle, hot glue the cap to the bottle to ensure you don’t have a mess when your child begins to shake the bottle. Shaking will be their favorite part!

Shaving Cream

Put a small amount of shaving cream on a table or tray. Spread it out and draw letters and numbers with your finger.


Yoga is such a fun activity to do with preschoolers at home! You can do yoga inside or outside, and it’s a great way to exercise with your child. There are so many free yoga classes being streamed online that are geared specifically for children.

Fun with food

Food Math

Use goldfish, M&M’s (any food will do). Use for sorting, counting or pattern activities.

Have a mini cooking lesson

This is a great time to teach your child about measurements. Have your ingredients pre-measured to cut down on the mess and have them pour the ingredients from your measuring cup or spoon into a large bowl.

If you are baking, they will enjoying kneading the dough.


Kids love sensory play! To make finger painting less messy, squirt some paint on a large piece of cardstock. Place plastic wrap on top and tape the saran wrap down. Now your child can have fun playing with the paint without getting a single drop anywhere!

Read books online

Epic books will give parents a free subscription for 30 days!! If you’re a teacher, your students can have access through June 30, 2020.

Make a puzzle with your child’s name

Use an index card to write your child’s name and then cut each letter out and have your child put their name back together. This is a great way to begin teaching your child how to spell their own name.

Making slime

This is a messy one, but it’s an easy activity that preschoolers can do at home that can provide hours of entertainment! Here’s a quick and easy recipe.

Dry erase fun

Practice writing letters and numbers with a dry erase board.

Sorting toys by color

Make use of the tools you already have at home. Reinforce your child’s knowledge of colors by sorting all your toys in piles by color. You could even make it a game. “Show me the red truck” “Show me the green ball”

Fun outside

Nature Walk

Take a nature walk and collect all the fun items you see. Use the items to make a nature collage.  Count your steps as you walk. Count my 1’s, 2’s, 5’s & 10’s. Use the things you find in nature to make a picture when you come inside.

Glue items to a paper in the shape of your child’s name, letter, numbers, or simply make a nature collage!

Start a garden

Children love seeing their own work come to fruition. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the life cycle of plants and how different plants grow in different seasons.

They will love seeing the plants grow–and it will be even more fun to eat the fruits of their labor!

Have a picnic outside

Take your lunch or dinner outside! Spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy sandwiches and finger foods with your child.

Chalk fun

This is an activity your children will enjoy for years. Practice writing numbers and the alphabet with your child. You can also play games like hopscotch or matching games with pictures you draw.

You could even have your child draw shapes that they identify in the clouds.

Pretend kitchen play

Fill a plastic tub with water and dish soap. Put plastic food toys, play dishes, sponges and rags in the water. You can use real pots and pans and cups if you don’t have play ones.



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