5 Tips For How To Workout At Home

Mother and daughter makeing yoga in the gym

My family and I just got back from a trip to Florida. We live in Illinois so a trip to “The Sunshine State” in winter is an amazing treat. Knowing that the trip was approaching I tried extra hard to fit in my workouts. I don’t have a gym membership and with two kids at home I have to figure out how to workout at home.

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There are lots of workout tips out there that I tried first: get up before your children, do it during nap time, do it when your spouse gets home so they get quality time with the other parent, and you get “me time.” If these work for you – go for it! Do what works.

Personally, I need to get the sleep when I can. The second baby is not a good sleeper so I am still up a few times a night. I want to use nap time for showers, craft projects, or special one on one time with my 5 year-year-old. When my husband gets home from work we have dinner, play as a family, clean up dinner and then its bedtime. I am not looking to rush out the door, I missed seeing him all day too.

Here are five things I try to do to make sure I get my exercise in. My goal is to try fit a workout in 5 days a week. With these tips I find I am able to reach that goal (most of the time).

How To Workout At Home

Get dressed to work out, first thing

When I wake up in the morning I try to immediately put on my workout clothes. Staying in pajamas makes me feel lazy and it is harder to get motivated the longer I wait. Let’s be honest, it’s not like yoga pants and a sports bra are uncomfortable so I am still able to play with the kids and crawl around on the floor without feeling restricted.

Keep your equipment easily accessible

I use a yoga mat, my hand weights and my exercise bands. You can definitely workout without equipment, so don’t feel like you have to go buy stuff. I just like to use some of these things so I make sure they are close by. In my family room the couch is against the wall so I tuck these things behind the couch, out of sight.


Hangry is real thing. For kids and adults. I know eating seems like an odd fitness tip, but hear me out. When we wake up, eating breakfast is the first thing we do. Food fuels our bodies and gives us energy to play AND workout. Make a good choice, eat something that actually will fuel your body, not just empty calories that fill your tummy. The better choices I make for breakfast the easier it is to keep the ball rolling all day. I don’t have the sugar crash. I feel full longer. And I start the day with a good meal choice, so it seems silly to ruin it with a bad lunch or pre-lunch snack.

Get your kids involved

Set goals together. Maybe you have a goal of being able to run all the way to the park without stopping. Maybe you want to cross the monkey bars. Maybe you want to play tag for 30 min and not have to take a break. I try to focus on things I will be able to do because of working out. As opposed to weight loss. It also helps to get the kids involved doing the workouts with you. Tell them what you want to do, they will hold you accountable. Kids are great at that.

Workout where you are

I mean this physically and geographically. Don’t try to do a super-advanced two hour a day workout program if that isn’t what your body is ready for. Challenge yourself, work up a sweat, but remember that it doesn’t all change in one day. I also mean don’t wait for THEE perfect giant block of time. Little bursts of effort here and there will add up. Don’t be embarrassed to work out in your yard or at the park. When you are working out with them, it is playing and doesn’t even seem like you are taking time away to workout. It gets built into the fun of the day and becomes something they look forward to doing with you.

Whether you are home with your kids all day or working out of the home and coming home feeling rushed and limited with the time you have with them, I hope that these tips help you include working out in your day in a way that works for your family. Working out will help you feel stronger and have more energy and when you include them in it, everyone wins.

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  1. Getting into the proper clothes for a work out is huge! I agree that it helps prevent you for wanting to use excuses to get out of the work out.

  2. I agree, working out makes us feel good, confident, positive. Exercising at home has always worked for me especially my kids. I try not to miss on on this but if any day I am in a rush so I just do short workout.

  3. I agree with so much of what you say. Eating an egg or other protein in the morning is such a help even while dieting. With children we can use them as little partners, I did in the old days. They thought it was fun.

  4. I love working out but I always do it in the gym near my house. But for those who don’t get access to the gym, working out at home is another great choice. I really agree to get the proper attire is the key. When you dress yourself like a pro, you will be serious with your workout too!

  5. I was literally just talking to a friend about how I wanted to start working out at home but finding balance was hard!! Thank you for this post. I made some notes of a few of your tips. I plan to try them 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing these great tips for working out at home. I also find that waking up and putting on my workout clothes motivates me to actually go and work out! I do have a gym membership but at times I do like to do workout at home, or when I am traveling.

  7. There is a lot of great advice here for getting motivated to workout at home. I particularly like the advice to put your gear on in the morning and have your workout things accessible!

  8. This is a great post!! I am on the same page kids are 5 years apart and one on one time with my oldest makes her feel like mommy still cares because the youngest takes so much of my time, the second not a great sleep either. We do family walks and bike rides after dinner and before bed my oldest and I do planks, push-ups, and yoga. You just have to get the work out in where you can!

  9. Having the equipment easily accessible is such an underrated and mostly wrongly-interpreted advice. I have a friend who would have everything in their own gym room but fails to visit it regularly due to the fact that just before the room is a “temptation room” filled with computers, lazy boys and stuff that will mostly make your exercise thoughts wander. It really is a mix of physical locations and mental strength.

  10. My key is dressing the part of working out. The attire really makes a difference and can shift my mindset. It’s like pulling teeth getting me motivated to work out, but maybe if I try dressing the part, I can go from there and implement your other strategies and tips.

  11. The idea of getting your kids involved is SO much fun. I adore that idea! And I really need to start working out once again!


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