6 Ways To Ensure Your Weight Loss Resolution Will Stick

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With the New Year comes a new start for most people. Whether you call it a resolution, a goal or have a word of the year that you’re striving for in some way, January always marks a time for change in our lives.

For most people, especially mothers, that means making a health/fitness-related New Year’s resolution. In a 2017 study published by the Statistic Brain Research Institute about 50 million Americans pledged to in get healthier last year by increasing activity and resolving to lose weight.

However, after less than two months fewer than 40 percent of people in their 20’s and only 16 percent of people over 50 were still following through with these goals.

Resolutions are tough. No matter how much we want them.

As parents there are so many other things that often get in the way of our weight loss and health goals. Believe me, I know. Those two other things are running around my family room making a mess with their new Christmas toys.

But as parents, I believe one of the best things we can do for our kids is to be a good example when it comes to food and fitness. That means I actually have to lead and after I had each baby, I had (still have) some work to do.

Set realistic, short-term goals

This is specifically important for people trying to lose weight. It doesn’t happen overnight and a lot of people expect fast progress with weight loss. Be mindful about what is realistic here.

When I was trying to lose weight after I had my daughter I had 20 pounds I needed to lose. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but to me it was. The idea of 20 pounds was overwhelming. However, the idea of 5 pounds was doable. Instead of looking at my big, long-term goal; I focused on short-term weight goals instead.

As you know it’s taken me a longer time to lose the weight since having my son. I’ve been on Medifast Flex for about two and a half months now and I still look at my goals as short-term weight goals. It helps me to think week-to-week versus month-to-month. Some weeks there are no gains in terms of the goal (like the week of Christmas or this past week while I’ve been since with the flu), but other weeks I can focus on that small, next goal and work to meet it.

If you’re going on a program like Medifast Flex or Medifast Go then there will be some standard expectations the program might be able to give you as a guideline. For example, you can expect to lose X amount of pounds in X amounts of weeks if you follow the program correctly.

Set a specific goal

Look at your goal or resolution just as you would look at a goal in a business setting. It should have a beginning and end. It should be measurable. (That one is very important.) Be as specific as you can be when talking about something like weight loss. For instance, my goal when I started Medifast Flex was to lose 10 pounds while on the plan, which is basically for about three months. I had a number, a start date and there is an end date too.

The more specific you are with your goal, the more likely you will be to succeed. And if you can break up that long-term goal into those smaller, realistic goals you’ll see small steps towards progress.

Get excited about it

You need to be excited about losing weight! I know it doesn’t seem like a fun time – cutting out carbs, cutting out sugar, cutting out…whatever you plan to cut out…but if you can psych yourself up it will be easier for you. The mental battle is about 75 percent of the battle when it comes to shedding pounds. If you can get excited about it by looking at the positives – healthier, more energy, fitting in those skinny jeans – then mentally you will be prepped for the work ahead.

Be honest about your commitment level

Being committed to whatever diet plan you’re on is invaluable. I really struggled with this in the beginning of being on Medifast and throughout Christmas time. I get that it’s hard but you have to have an honest conversation with yourself about your commitment level and then resolve to stick to it if you want to see change.

Find someone who will support you

Support is important for anyone, but when you’re dieting you need all the support you can get. This can come from your spouse, your friends, other people on the diet you’re on or even a workout group such as a yoga class or running club. In the past I’ve had Facebook groups that I’ve been a part of that have worked well for me.

Pick the right program

You can read here about the questions you should ask yourself before picking a diet plan. Answering these will help you understand if the program is even something that could work for your life. Don’t just do the diet of the moment. Pick the plan that’s the right fit for you.

Understanding the plan you pick, understanding your goals and understanding yourself will take you so much further than just jumping into something because it’s the New Year and you want to lose weight. If you can do those things, you’ll be much more likely to stick with your weight loss resolution versus someone who hasn’t thought it all through.

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  1. This is great advice! I think being honest about your commitment and setting realistic goals are really important when it comes to being more healthy!

  2. I totally agree with this! My husband wasn’t very supportive of weight loss but I’ve got him on the train now haha. He always was like waving junk food in my face and saying “ohhh come on we can be a little bad” all the time.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! It has fantastic tips. As a mom who struggles with weight before pregnancy and of course afterwards, I found this really helpful!

  4. I have seen many of my friends set out to lose weight as their resolution for the new year, only to not succeed. I agree on setting realistic, short-term goals, as well as specific goals. No need in setting a goal if you don’t get excited about it!

  5. Dong your research is really important because then, you can find a diet plan that works for you and your lifestyle. These are definitely great tips to keep you from quitting your weight loss plans.

  6. As someone who coaches clients for weight management I no longer advise weight as a goal. Instead focus on things you CAN change. Like having your supplement, working out # times a week, eating healthy meals.

  7. I love this!! I was just talking to a girlfriend today about how she needed to be more realistic with her expectations of herself and not bite off more than she can chew. I always set weekly goals. That way I’m constantly feeling accomplished meeting them!

  8. Great tips for sure. Everyone seems to want to focus on the numbers on the scale in the New Year. My goals are more about making healthier choices and I agree – you have to make realistic goals!

  9. These are amazing tips! I love the tip about being honest about your commitment level. I think being honest with ourselves about how we’re doing through a weight loss journey is important. I also love that you mentioned setting short-term, realistic goals. Starting off the year saying I want to lose 50 pounds is overwhelming. But saying I want to lose 4 pounds this month is a lot less daunting.

  10. It hasn’t been easy finding the right program for me lately. I will have to look into MediFast. Happy New Year!

  11. Weight loss is one of my goals and I found your post to be very helpful. I am going to go keto, and I know it will be an adjustment. I have done my research and my shopping, so here I go!

  12. Finding someone to support you is so important. It’s quite hard to eat diet food when the rest of the family is eating pizza and soda. Hopefully you can get the buy in from the family, that really helps.

  13. Such a great post! This is something I always have trouble with but really need to stick with getting healthier this year!

  14. Great post! You have nailed the most popular resolution that not only moms, but everyone makes. Everyone has that motivation and then a few weeks in its like they give up! Keeping motivated is important and I love all of your amazing tips. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I will have to keep these in mind for after baby. I didn’t make a resolution to lose weight right now as I’m expecting, but its first thing up after baby arrives! This will be helpful!

  16. Wonderful advice! There is nothing worse than when family and friends are not supportive of a weight loss journey. That is why it is important to set up your own support system – even if it means joining weight loss support groups on Facebook.

  17. Setting those short term goals is definitely key. You want to make those little steps so that you can have little successes along the way.

  18. I really need to get consistent about my health goals. We have a beautiful neighborhood gym and I haven’t used it yet – I have absolutely no reason not to! But it really needs to start in our home first with better food choices.


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