5 Moisturizers For Winter Skin

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Remember laying on the beach and slathering baby oil on yourself to get a deeper tan? Remember spraying Sun-in through your hair hoping it would lighten up today if you put enough in? If you remember this too, you might be in need of some new moisturizers. While I love those memories of playing outside from sun up to sun down, I certainly look every bit my 38 years.

As a mother if two little ones I am often running on little sleep. I live in Chicago so my skin is exposed to harsh elements for most of the year. These two alone can make your skin look and feel dull and dry. I think the earlier you start taking care of your skin the better. Here are a few products I love that help my skin feel moisturized and soft.

moisturizers for winter skin

    1. Botanic Farm Avocado Honey Rich water balm cream. It is amazing. It is thick and creamy but goes on so light and seems to immediately sink into my skin. I put it around my eyes and I swear it has helped my under eye bags and crow’s feet. It is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used. Seriously – go buy it.
    2. Oil of Olay. This is a tried and true moisturizer for me. It is so affordable, has an SPF in it and is sensitive enough that I can use it around my eyes too. It’s priced so well that I have no problem putting it on my neck and chest and whatever is left over I rub on the back of my hands. I figure a little SPF is good for everyday everywhere the sun touches.
    3. Jergens Natural Glow firming lotion. I still have a little of that beach loving, baby oil applying girl in me. I like how I look with a little tan, or in this case totally safe non skin damaging color. I don’t use it on my face although they do have a facial formula. I am not trying to look crazy tan, I just want a little color in the middle of these long, cold white winters in Chicago.
    4. MAC Strobe Cream. I first purchased this when I was getting married. I had my makeup done for a few of the events the year we were engaged and I swear it is one of the secrets to having your makeup professionally done. It helps moisturize and gives a great base for even coverage of foundation. I don’t use this every day but I love to add it under my makeup for special occasions.
    5. Best Damn Lip Mask. Is well…the best damn lip mask. I live by this in the winter. I slather it on me and my kids. My son will play outside in the snow for HOURS. I have been horrified by how dry and cracked his lips and all around them can get. I literally put this on his lips and all around his mouth and the next morning his lips don’t even look chapped. I put this on and I can still feel it the next morning, I love it.

Hopefully with the help of these products I can turn the clock back a little. If you have babies you know what it’s like to have the days fly by. I may not have time (or money) for regular spa trips, multi-step skin care regiments or get all of the sleep I need but these products help me at least slow  down the aging process a little. Now if I could just figure out how to freeze time so my babies stay this age for a little longer too!

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  1. I have a dry skin face and very dry lips always. I will try the lip mask immediately. It seems to be exactly what I need right now!

  2. I will probably try the cream with Avocado & Honey because I really need to feel the cream on my face (if you know what I mean) in Winter. The Strobe Cream by Mac is more a primer and please don’t use it every day because is plenty of silicones (used to work at Mac :). Have a lovely day x

  3. We are dealing with dry skin in our house. I’m not familiar with these and I’ll have to try a couple of these. My skin has been so itchy from being dry! Still a couple months left to go for winter and I can definitely use a good moisturizer.

  4. My skin always gets so dry in the winter time. My problem is I seldom take the time to moisturize my body, I always do my face but I need to take the time to moisturize my legs because they itch so bad if I don’t!

  5. Hello! I was surprised when I saw Face Moisturizer by Olay Complete Lotion in your article. I’ve recently bought it and I think is a very good light moisturizer. It doesn’t even feel like you have put anything on your face. Does not clog pores or leave a shine on your face and is great for people who suffer from acne-like me. Great packaging as well. All in All wonderful product and will definitely be re-ordering soon 🙂


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