8 Fabric Surfaces You Should Freshen Up Weekly

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I’m an animal lover. If my husband would let me we would be living in a place where we could have about five or six (or 10?) dogs, horses and maybe some goats or chicken.

Ok so I guess ideally it would be a farm – a farm where I just have animals to hang out with and never eat because that would break my heart.

But alas, we don’t have a farm. We only have one pretty, old furbaby that’s been in my life for more than 15 years.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

While she doesn’t smell like a farm, she does smell like a dog – even when freshly washed. And since I adore her, she’s allowed on all furniture in the house.

Combine that with two crazy, sticky, mess-making kids and some of the most-loved surfaces in our house get a little stinky.

Recently I discovered Febreze ONE, a nature-inspired odor eliminator from Febreze that doesn’t use any dye or heavy perfumes. It’s perfect for our well-loved surfaces and is made for refreshing fabrics and air. It also is not an aerosol spray, which makes me happy.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

I’ve been consistently using it on many of the fabric surfaces in my house and I’m thrilled with how it’s keeping everything smelling fresh and clean.

Most parents know that you can’t wash some of the larger fabric items in your house as often as recommended or even as often as you like. Life just gets too crazy and too busy. Sometimes you need a faster way to ensure those surfaces smell great on a regular basis and in between washes. These are the surfaces that I believe are perfect for Febreze ONE.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Couch cushions

Various everyday smells can permeate a couch. They get into the cushions and the fibers, and sometimes you can identify the culprit. Sometimes you cannot. On a surface that gets so much use every single day – everything from body odor, outside smells, soggy diapers, spills, etc. – it’s bound to get a little stinky.

Between my sweet pup, my sweet babes, and my husband and I, our couch gets a lot of use. We all seem to like the corner spot best and I’ve been refreshing that spot with Febreze ONE every few days. So far, it’s doing a great job keeping any lingering smells away and makes my couch a more pleasant place to be.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Throw blankets

Throw blankets are often made out of various materials and have various textures that can make a lot of washing lead to wear and tear. Because you don’t want to over wash them, you need to find other ways to keep them fresh in between cleanings and Febreze ONE can help you to do this. We like to use it on our fuzzy blankets, which tend to pill if they are washed a lot.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Couch pillows

Like the cushions, the couch pillows are always in use. Between the kids jumping all over them – and I do mean they pile them up and jump – the dog and my husband and I using them, there’s a lot of smells going on there. A quick spray of Febreze ONE and I can take care of it all. The spray technology allows me to have a long, continuous spray versus a squirt and I can take care of all of them with one shot if I line them up.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Area rugs

Most people spend a lot of time looking for the perfect area rug. It took me a few months to find a great rug for our family room. I wanted something that was square to fit the space, and I also wanted something that would be comfortable enough for my family to lay on. However, the rug gets smelly and, in fact, most people’s do.

Odd smells are fairly common with area rugs because they are made with different fibers and constructions that are impacted by humidity in your home. Even if the top layer of your rug is made of one material, the bottom might be made out of something different.

With a few sprays of Febreze ONE, I can take care of the problem spots easily.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Bedspread and sheets

Most experts will tell you that you should wash your sheets and bedspreads once a week, However, realistically, I don’t know a single person that can keep up with that in life. However, using Febreze ONE has kept the sheets and the bedspread fresh in between washing. I love the three scent choices that are available too including Bamboo, Orchid and Mandarin.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life


All curtains are made of woven fabrics that gather dust. Whether they’re casual cotton curtains, light and silky sheers or heavier fabrics they will all pick up dirt and scents from pet dander to hair and even mold spores. The accumulation of all this can reduce your indoor air quality.

Using Febreze ONE on the curtains will allow you to refresh them from top to bottom and help to keep them smelling nice in between washings.

Decorative pillows that can’t be washed

If you have decorative pillows with embellishments, you probably bought those pillows specifically for those embellishments. For instance, mermaid pillows with millions of sequins, wood buttons, plastic pieces or even beading can all be sewn onto pillows for a unique look that will help to complete your room.

However, due to these embellishments you can’t always toss these pillows into the wash. Febreze ONE is perfect for these pretty pillows. A quick, gentle spray with the ultra-fine mist gives them a beautiful fresh scent that will please everyone in the house.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Stuffed animals

Just honestly here, I hate stuffed animals. A year ago, I sent my children away, rounded up all but their favorites and donated them. Somehow, we have more. They’ve somehow reproduced and they’re smelly.

febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life

Like the fibers in your carpet, stuffed animals are made with a variety of different materials. When the temperature of your house changes, or your kids wipe their noses on them or their dirty hands that they always forget to wash, those stuffed animals get smelly.

Using Febreze ONE on the stuffed animals is a no-brainer. I can gather them all and use the continuous spray to refresh them without the use of aerosols.


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febreze one - The Everyday Mom Life


  1. I try to clean the surfaces in the house often, but our couch is the worst because that’s where my cat loves to lay, other than on top of me at night. I’ll have to try this for the couch.

  2. I need to pick some of this up ASAP! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before but I could definitely refresh a few things over here.

  3. Febreze is definitely one of our go to products for freshening up. These spaces and places definitely need attention every now and again.

  4. What a sweet pup! When we first got our dog the rule was that she couldn’t be on any of the furniture – but that didn’t last long! She thinks it’s her couch and her bed now. Freshening things up is a must now!

  5. Thanks for such a great review. It’s true that get used to smells that others can detect but we no longer can. My MIL has 3 dogs that run around outside and come in with all their yucky stuff. But they are like children to her, so they are all over the couch and bed. We always tell her that it smells, but she can’t smell it anymore. This febreeze product would be perfect for her. And I’ve never considered using it on pillows or throw blankets, but I’ll def try it.

  6. I try to spray items as much as possible. I do the couch a lot because of the animals. Sheets are hard to keep up with for sure. I am pretty good at it but I do have issues getting it in sometimes.

  7. I honestly never even thought of half of these fabrics that need freshening! I recently learned about the creation of Fabreeze and I have such a greater appreciation for it. I would add that your children stuffed animals can probably use a spirt or three!

  8. WOW! Sounds like a great product!!! Does it work on those harder-to-eliminate odors, too? My little one had food poisoning and threw up all over the back seat of my car a few weeks ago, and the older one (whose nose is very sensitive) claims the “stink” is still not gone, despite my scrubbing it and trying to disinfect it/cover the smell several times with upholstery cleaner and disinfectant spray…

  9. I agree the sofas, and rugs need to be freshened more. Especially when you have 3 dogs running around the house like I do. I definitely need to try out this product.

  10. You donated your kids’ FAVORITE stuffed animals when they were away?? That’s awful! I would NEVER trust you again if you were my parent. You had no right to get rid of them without your kids’ consent or knowledge. Once you gave those toys to your kids, they belong to them. You hating stuffed animals is YOUR problem, don’t put that on your kids.


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