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I’m coming to the end of my Medifast Flex journey and in case you’re considering the plan for helping you to launch your weight loss goals, I wanted to share some of my favorite food options on the plan with you.

I believe the food that goes along with any weight loss plan will be the biggest factor in your success. Finding foods you like and finding foods that work within your lifestyle are two imperative change agents from success.

While on Medifast Flex I’ve had a chance to experience A LOT of their food and believe I’ve developed a good understanding in what will be considered fan favorite for them. Check out my list below!


Mixed Berry Cereal – This was by far my favorite breakfast. Taste wise, it was good and fruity, but I also loved that it was easier than some of the other breakfasts. I could make bowls of cereal for my kids, make one for myself and have a quick breakfast with them before the school day started. It left me feeling full and satisfied, which is always a great way to start the day.


Turkey Meatballs – The Turkey Meatballs were by far my favorite of the Medifast foods that I considered meals. Unlike the other foods on the plan these most closely resembled an actual meal for me that I would eat for lunch or dinner so I ate them often for these. I liked this the best because the taste was solid and I always felt full afterwards.

Beef Stew – This was my runner up in terms of food items that I considered meals. I liked the taste and also felt full after eating it. I could see the vegetables in it so that was a bonus for me. This was also good over some cauliflower rice, which I would add on a hard workout day.


Parmesan and Olive Oil Crisps – These were seriously yummy and I enjoyed having them as a snack. The flavor was good and the texture was consistent with a rice cake. I believe everyone would really love these.

Cheddar and Sour Cream Popcorn – This was another winner. Any diet plan that allows you to eat popcorn is ok in my book. This popcorn was perfect for an afternoon snack and it helped with some of the salty cravings.

Orange Creamsicle Shake – This was amazing! I could have probably had this for each meal and been a happy girl. They have you make it with water but I always made it with vanilla, unsweetened almond milk instead. Those extra calories from the almond milk gave me a full feeling and made the shake smoother than the water. Since one cup of almond milk is about 30 calories I didn’t feel like I was breaking too many rules.

Dutch Chocolate Shake (pre-made) – This was my favorite on-the-go shake. The taste was pleasant and it helped me to fill in the gaps when I was out. I usually would stop for a coffee when I wasn’t on Medifast so instead I would bring one of these along and feel pretty good about it.



Soft bake brownie – I was surprised when I liked this. I didn’t expect to honestly just because I’m a fan of homemade brownies. Again, I made this with almond milk versus just the water recommended. I’m a whole milk kind-of-girl so I generally substituted the almond milk when it made sense. Here it made sense to me and I liked the taste better. This would satisfy the late night or late afternoon chocolate cravings for me! Finding something that did that was really amazing.

Chocolate mint soft serve – This is Medifast’s version of ice cream. I believe they have a few flavors but I liked the chocolate mint the best. I found blending it a little tough sometimes because you have to have a good blender to get the ice chopped fine enough. However, it was worth a little extra elbow grease and it was my favorite way to end the day.

I’ll be sharing my final thoughts on the whole Medifast Flex plan soon, but until then I wanted to show you guys my before and after photos.

I started out wanting to lose about 10 pounds on this plan and it was HARD for me! It was personally a difficult time of the year to start a diet too. Usually in the fall and during the holidays I try to maintain because caramel apples and pumpkin everything speaks to me. However, I managed to lose some of the weight I wanted to (even with using almond milk and a little cheating) and I stayed on a fairly consistent work out schedule too.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you may know I was doing a run streak during this time too. I ran for 44 days straight and I do think that helped with my overall body toning. Oh, and FYI – I have no make-up on here so be gentle. 🙂

For a woman who has had three babies, two C-sections and loves ice cream, I’m pretty happy with my overall results. My results aren’t perfect, but I’m a lot closer to where I want to be than I was in early October.

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  • Melissa Chapman January 11, 2018 10.08 pm

    The results of Medifast are so Excellent on you so far. I love that they have so many great choices for desserts as well as those meals. I might be looking into a plan for me.

  • Rheagan January 11, 2018 10.18 pm

    Gland you found something that works for you! Making sustainable choices can be a challenge sometimes!

  • Laura @ MommyDearest January 12, 2018 12.53 am

    It’s so great that you found something that works for you. The snacks like the popcorn and the rice cake bite things look and sound pretty tasty. The results are working for you. You look great.

  • Lynnette Joselly January 12, 2018 03.51 am

    Wow look at those results! These seem to be great healthy food options, I think I would enjoy the popcorn crisps the most.

  • Britney Kaufman January 12, 2018 04.42 am

    These results look great! You totally rocked it, but i’ve never heard of this brand before!

  • Tiffany Barry January 12, 2018 08.23 am

    These look super yummy and you before/after is amazing! Congrats!

  • Rebecca Bryant January 12, 2018 12.43 pm

    Wow, you look amazing. I don’t think I have heard of Medifast before. Sounds like a great program to help lose weight.

  • empowerandhelp January 12, 2018 04.08 pm

    Its very nice to see that Medifast program motivated for selfcare. You look amazing and great work with the post also. Very nice

  • Ai January 12, 2018 04.43 pm

    I’ve never heard of Medifast. Thanks for the insight. I’ll have to go check them out! Your results are amazing!

  • kimberly lewis January 12, 2018 07.29 pm

    I have never looked into the medifast diet before. the food looks so amazing

  • Censie Sawyer January 12, 2018 08.42 pm

    Nice results!! I always loved the Medifast cereal. Great for breakfast but also for a snack. YUMMY!

  • Bird January 13, 2018 12.04 am

    Aw, well done you! You’ve done amazing! I’ve never heard of this system before — always good to learn of new things! x

  • Lesley January 13, 2018 01.50 am

    Those turkey meatballs look delicious and they are something that everyone in my family loves. What a delicious option.

  • Amanda January 13, 2018 04.13 am

    What a great post! There’s usually always so many options and you don’t know where to start. This will help a lot of people who are on medifast!

  • Amy January 14, 2018 12.48 am

    I have so many friends who’ve tried medifast maybe one day I will too. This is great!

  • Marissa Mckenna January 14, 2018 01.14 am

    Those meals looked yummy and seems like they were good portions. Congrats on doing well on Medifast!

  • Melissa Balgobin January 16, 2018 03.19 am

    I’ve never heard of this plan. As a mom of 3, this is looking pretty intriguing. Your results are amazing!


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