DIY Mini Bud Vases Perfect Year-Round Decor


With all the Christmas decor coming down, I wanted to highlight the one thing I’ll be keeping up all year long: DIY mini bud vases.

In case you missed this little craft that I originally wrote about here, I thought I would highlight it and give it its own little post.

There are two reasons I’m in love with this simple DIY. 1. They’re adorable and fits in with all the farmhouse/rustic/vintage trends of the moment. 2. They’re uber cheap.

That, my friends, creates perfect, craft project synergy.

Check out how I did it and find out what these were originally below!

DIY Salt & Pepper Shaker Mini Bud Vases

When I came across these salt and pepper shakers at the dollar store I knew they would be perfect for this quick and easy project. Let’s be honest, they weren’t really big enough to be table salt and pepper shakers unless you wanted to carry these in your purse. Since I don’t feel the strong desire to travel with seasoning on me at all times I knew these were meant for a higher calling.

Items Needed:

  • Mini salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store
  • White, matte spray paint
  • Twine


1. Unscrew the lids from the salt and pepper shakers and discard.

2. Spray paint that shakers with one coat of paint and allow to dry. Make sure there are no drips.

3. Add a second coat of paint and let dry completely.

4. Cut 6-inch pieces of twine and wrap them around the shakers a few times. Knot with a bow.

You can use some glue or a hot glue gun to secure the twine if you want but I didn’t do that. If you are going to ever add water to these, which I see myself doing this spring with flowers, then you don’t want the twine bound to the glass.

These are literally made in minutes and it’s the easiest craft project I have ever done. I bought three packages of shakers for $1 each and have six mini vases right now. These look perfect lined up on the windowsill, which is where I plan to keep them throughout the year.



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