6 Ways To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holidays

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With Holiday Season here it’s time for the traditional holiday parties, foods and festivities. However, before all the yule tide and joy overtakes your life, it’s also time to start taking some conscious lifestyle precautions so your belly doesn’t start shaking like a bowl full of jelly.

holiday weight gain - The Everyday Mom Life

Tipss To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

In the middle of planning parties and delicious dishes, I also need to plan to do more so I don’t completely derail.

Often, for me, the holidays have been more about making choices to help maintain my weight. Personally, I like to be realistic about life and life at Thanksgiving and Christmas includes a bit of dessert.

Therefore, I don’t plan to lose much throughout the season, but I also don’t intend to gain either. So, here are six things I’ll be doing to avoid packing on the extra pounds while having a holly jolly Christmas.

Take part in a run streak

A run streak is when you plan to run at least one mile every day. I have done this in the past and it really helps to start my day off right. When I’m running I’m always more conscious about the food I put in my mouth because I’m aware of how far I’ll have to go to burn that off. So this really serves two purposes for me. It gets me active daily in a meaningful way and makes me more aware.

If you don’t think you have time for this, I promise after a few days you start to make time. Make sure your spouse is there to motivate you and encourage you or you are doing this with a group of friends so you can encourage each other. You don’t need to do it together, in person though. Usually I’m inspired by friends over Facebook and we motivate each other just by sharing our mileage on there.

If you’re not into running, do a Whatever Streak – yoga, bike riding, walking, Pilates, kick boxing, etc. Make it something that fits into your life and it will be easier to stick to. Just make sure you either do one mile each day or whatever the equivalence to that would be for some of the other exercises.

Be active with your family

Since children will be off for Thanksgiving break and the holidays, get outside with your kids. Go ice skating, sledding, skiing, take a walk together to see Christmas lights, etc. You can do some of these things with young kids and even those kids home from college. The point is to just get out and be active together so that in the evening, when you sit down to watch that holiday movie you don’t feel as bad about the bowl of popcorn you might be sharing.

Eat before you go

I used to never eat before a big holiday party. I always knew there would be plenty of food there that I would want to eat and would put it off. Bad idea. Once I arrived I would be starving and totally gorge myself on all the yummy food because I was so hungry.

Instead, I’ve found that eating before I go someplace helps to keep me from going crazy. I believe it will help you too. You don’t have to eat a full meal before you leave the house but have a healthy snack that’s filling and you won’t feel like you need to fill up an empty belly.

Drink your water

Basically, don’t ever stop drinking your water. I know water might not be the drink of choice during holiday season but you should still be striving to get in plenty of ounces. The weather outside may be frightful but your water will keep your body delightful.

If you have a hard time drinking a lot of water try to flavor it in some way. I’m a fan of plain water but I find I drink it faster when it’s flavored.

holiday weight gain - The Everyday Mom Life

Make the smarter choice

When we have a holiday dinner at my grandma’s house there are usually multiple options for your side dishes. I love that my family celebrates this way and it there is always something on the table that everyone will like. I also love that it allows for a lot of choices. When you can make the choice between side dishes, desserts or appetizers, go with the option that will be better for you. For instance, pick the green beans and almonds versus the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Or, take the marshmallows off the sweet potatoes and eat them (as long as they aren’t throughout the dish or loaded with brown sugar too).

Have a taste only, but don’t taste test

Because temptation can be so great during the holidays I believe its fine to give into it a little as long as you have self-control. Have a half a slice of pie instead of a whole piece, have a small serving of marshmallow fluff (This is tiny marshmallows, pistachio pudding, pineapple and some other things all mixed together. A holiday staple at our house.) or one Christmas cookie.

However, don’t have a little of this and a little of that. This goes for appetizers and dessert. Taste testing can very quickly lead to eating too much because you don’t really keep track of everything that you’re eating.

Do you think these suggestions will work for you? Tell me below what you plan to try to keep from packing on the holiday pounds.

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  1. I just skip the cookies and desserts. My MIL used to send over HUGE, massive trays of sweets and I told her she just couldn’t’ do that any longer. My husband would eat hem all.

  2. The two tips I’m taking with me for all the holiday gatherings are: 1) eat before you go and 2) drink more water! These are super simple and I know this will help! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. I think we’re always confused about eating too much because there’s a lot of food to enjoy. It’s okay to taste a little and know your limit as well. We’re not required to eat a bunch of everything after all. These are great tips!

  4. Yearly. Battle. I needed these tips this year! And for me it’s not just gaining weight that’s the issue. Going wild with the sweets and treats really throws my whole body out of whack, from my stomach to my skin! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great tips!!! My hubby and I have also made a little agreement that on actually holiday days, we can eat whatever but only on those days. The rest of the holiday season, we are going to be eating healthy still. 🙂

  6. These are really helpful tips. I’ve often made the mistake of not eating before I go to a party because I know there will be lots of food. Then I end up eating way too much and feeling ick. Drinking lots of water and at least having a snack is a smart way to avoid the over eat.

  7. Sorry, I had laughed when I read the title, first. It’s so me taste test, then out to watch the sparks outside munching and carrying food on the left hand. After a few hours, I come back to eat, clean and sleep. lol Seriously, it’s a great tip. If we have a self-discipline and self-control.

  8. I’m pregnant again this year so I really don’t need to worry too much about this. but its great for those who want to keep a handle on it, great advice!

  9. This is definitely something I am extremely interested in. I have finally lost the weight I want to and I do not want to gain it back. These are some great tips. I definitely try drinking a lot of water.

  10. Great tips and I will try to keep them in mind this season as I definitely don’t want to gain back what I lost this summer. Oh and I’ve never heard of your marshmallow fluff. Marshmallow fluff here is a store bought marshmallow spread (think Nutella but made with marshmallows)

  11. I try to eat pretty healthy throughout the year so I don’t deny myself during the holidays. I just try to keep up with exercising and stop eating when I feel full. Overstuffing yourself and then being sedentary is the real culprit I think!

  12. Thanks for these tips! We have had a few holiday parties already and I like the idea of having just a taste, no reason to have a ton of the unhealthy foods. I also like the idea of eating before going, I will keep these in mind!

  13. Dessert over the holidays is always my downfall. It’s just so good. And then there are my relatives who like to give us chocolate or tins of cookies as gifts. I will definitely have to try your tips.

  14. Finding that balance between having my holiday favorites and eating an entire pie is something I need to keep in mind. I did okay with Thanksgiving, but I know Christmas desserts will be my downfall. Love the idea of running a mile every day. It will put me in the right mindset this season.

  15. Your tips are awesome. I don’t want to don’t intend to gain weight either. So I will follow your advice. I do also a detox day with only fruit and vegetables without oil, salt, and sugar.

  16. I try not to stress about my weight during the holidays. I want to enjoy the holidays! With that said, I do try and stay active and I think that really helps.

  17. Nothing really changes for me during the holidays, I still work out and eat the exact same way I would any other day! These are however great tips for those who like to indulge a bit more!


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