4 Ways Kamik Rain Boots Are A Step Above The Rest

Disclosure: I have been given free boots from Kamik and I am an ambassador for them through 2017. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’m not a shoe person. I get a few pairs that I like and then a few pairs that I need for certain outfits and usually that’s it.

I honestly buy more shoes for the kids than I do myself. Part of that is because they grow so fast. The other part of it is because it’s more fun to play dress up with them and have little shoes to go with the outfit.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life

However, buying shoes for them actually stresses me out. I hate that their feet grow so fast and I’m always concerned they are on the brink of a growth spurt right when I know they need new shoes.

So when Kamik contacted me and offered me the opportunity to partner with them in exchange for free shoes, specifically rain boots – I jumped at it!

Not only could I get the kids some shoes that would fit (and rain boots to boot!) but I also didn’t have to stress over it since I wasn’t paying for them. (Big thank you!)

In full disclosure I had never worn Kamik boots before or purchased them for the kids, but after some research I felt like they would make great partners with quality footwear.

Below I’ve reviewed their kids’ rain boots that we received. They have honestly been a little like a godsend because it has rained here so much this year! I swear it rained pretty much the entire month of May.

I want you to get the full picture and a good feel for how their rain boots worked for us so I’ve focused on four important areas for me when it comes to shopping for footwear, in particular rain boots for my kids. Check out the full review below.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life


We received the the Glitzy boots in MAG for my daughter in a size 11 for my daughter and the RainplayLo boots in a size 6 for my son. I loved the style of each of the shoes and my daughter loved the sparkles in her’s. My son is a bit oblivious to style at the point but I love that the boots matched plenty of his clothing and that, do to the shorter style, he can take them on and off himself.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life

My daughter loves to wear her’s just because and feels they are very fashionable. She has worn them everywhere, even on days that aren’t rainy.

Kamik Rain boots review for kids - The Everyday Mom Life

Function & Durability

Each pair of boots has held up very well throughout the last month that we have been wearing them. Due to the amount of rain in May we were wearing them a few times a week too. They have also succeeded in keeping their feet dry, sometimes despite my children’s best efforts. Not only that but they have also held up well. So far I don’t see any wearing or discoloring on them.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life


Both kids seem to be very comfortable in the boots. At one point my daughter told me that one of her boots was hurting her foot, but it turns out she had put a crayon in it. Since then neither of them have mentioned anything, My son sometimes wears his around the house for fun.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life


These boots are priced at $39.99 for the Glitzy and $30.99 for the RainplayLo. Considering the price of some children’s boots on the market, the Kamik boots are priced affordably and are something you could buy each spring and fall without feeling like you’re breaking the bank on one pair of cute rain boots.

Overall, I’ve been pleased and impressed with all aspects of the Kamik rain boots for my kids. The quality of these boots seems to make them a step above the rest that an everyday family can afford.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids Product Review - The Everyday Mom Life


  1. I have always loved these boots! Unfortunately, I live in an area that hardly gets any rain and is hot and humid most of the year. Flipflops are almost a necessity around these parts, lol. I bought these for my kiddos when we would go on trips during rainy and winter months. They’d love wearing them even when we got back home, they’d slip them on to go water the yard 🙂

  2. I was planning to buy these for my lil one and glad I stopped by here. After reading this post am definitely gonna buy it this weekend . Thanks for the amazing review 🙂

  3. So funny…I was just talking to my husband about ordering my toddler new rain boots. We have had the Crocs rain boots in the past, but I will definitely be looking into these now as well. Thanks!

  4. These are so awesome! I am super happy to learn about this brand. My nephews live in Portland (tons of rainy weather), and these rain boots will be perfect for them. Thanks!


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