To My Little Fighter On His Birthday

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Dear Bubs,

Today you are 2-years-old my sweet boy and honestly, sometimes I’m surprised we made it through this last year. There were so many nights I sat there holding you, praying the medicine would break your fever and hoping that your breathing would normalize.

To my 2 year old little fighter on his birthday - The Everyday Mom Life


There were a handful of nights it didn’t work and I found myself holding you in a hospital bed instead. During those times the nights dragged on and the days only offered different frustrations when you would refuse to eat…anything.


But you’re a scrappy fighter and somehow we made it here though. Somehow we made it through an extremely difficult year filled with anxiety, worry and medical bills to your second birthday. And somehow, just like that, a lot of your problems have disappeared. Today you are a growing, bright, mischievous boy, happy boy who is an extremely picky eater.


But you’re so much more than just that. You’re strong too.


Over the last year I made the mistake of thinking your body was weak. In reality, your little body was strong enough to go through this last year and bounce back from everything the world threw at it. You’ve persevered through so much and have come out the other side this strong, little man that cares about animals and loves to give hugs.


For a child who’s ears have been clogged most of his life with massive infections you have an understanding of the world around you that allows you to work through most obstacles – mental and physical –  the world, or I, put in your way.


I can see in your head you’re always thinking, always planning and always up to something. There’s a light and a twinkle in your eyes that never dims and greets everyone with warm and enthusiasm. You live every moment of this life.
So today you may only be 2-years-old, my love, but this year you’ve grown by leaps and bounds in so many other ways.


My wish for you is that for your whole life you continue to show the same strength in body and in mind that you have the last year and that you grow into a man that has the same strength of character, kindness and enthusiasm for life.



Life can get you down a lot, but I hope you continue to never let those moments hold you back. Never let them define you or shape your attitude towards the world. When the going gets tough, go in a different direction or find a new way.


But before all of that there will be many more nights where I will hold you and pray for something – health, obedience, potty training, sleep – but hopefully it will never again be from a hospital bed. Hopefully this next year life will ease up a bit because I’d love to see how fully you can live when you don’t have to fight.


Happy birthday, my sweet babe.


Love always,




  1. What a beautiful letter! I love these blog letters to your children. It is such a testament to the lives that you are honoring and your own as well.

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy! I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles with his health this past year, but I’m happy to see that he’s doing fine! Often times our little one’s strength pays as a reminder that we were built as fighters. I wish him all the best and full health going forward! 🙂

  3. happy birthday! I am so beyond sorry to hear about all the health struggles that you have gone through this year. During hard times are strength comes out more.

  4. Happy birthday, little one! I think it’s so sweet that you wrote a post to encourage and empower your baby boy! He’s such a fighter and he has so much in store for him too! I’m sure he’ll grow up amazing!

  5. This is such a beautiful letter. Happy Birthday little man! I hope things only get better from here and that he continues to go from strength to strength!

  6. First of all Happy Birthday to the strongest fighter of the world. and Congratulations to you Moma. I must say the bond you to have is very special. Your child is beautiful and a strong soul. Lots of love and blessings from my side.

  7. It is amazing how much our kids can do without us even knowing that they’re that strong. After reading this, I have nothing but admiration for both of you, you are both strong! No wonder your son is such a fighter because his momma is too.

  8. Aw bless him, he has been through so much and the title of being a fighter is well deserved. We can learn so much from children and their resilience is empowering and awe inspiring. I hope he gets better xx

  9. What a sweet little fighter!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday. Your letter was absolutely beautiful, and I am sure he will love to read it one day.

  10. He is so cute and a fighter indeed! Happy Birthday to your little guy, hope this is his best year ever!!

  11. This is a beautiful touching and loving letter. I am glad your little boy is doing good and hope he has an amazing birthday.

  12. LIfe throws hard times at you for sure, i wish our kiddos didn’t have to deal with some of the hardest times. My 6 year old had to have a kidney removed thisyear, so i know about the praying for strength! It’s amazing how resilient kids are! good luck to you and your little one!

  13. This is a beautiful letter! All that you are you son endured this last year have ingrained positive character traits for you both. He is a fighter and his enthusiasm and love for life will serve him well.


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