The Best Gift Guide For Toddlers & Preschoolers

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If your kids are anything like mine, they are already started making their Christmas wish lists. My daughter has been circling items she wants in the Target and Toys R’ Us magazines, much like I did at her age. As a pre-schooler, everything is awesome and wondrous to her. Everything makes her eyes light up and squeal in delight. And of course, she wants everything.


In between discussions about how we don’t get everything we circle in a catalog and what Christmas really means, I’ve been making mental notes about the perfect gifts for her. She also has six cousins and six second cousins that we buy gift for and about four of them are also preschoolers. Basically, we have a lot of shopping to do for these little ones and I’ve been keeping an itemized list of the perfect gifts. Here is my list for the lovable, excitable pre-schoolers in your life.

Gift Guide For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Tracker imagePaw Patrol’s News Pup: Tracker

My preschooler, and to an extent my toddler, both love Paw Patrol. After she received some of them for Christmas last year, she played with the characters and the Paw Patroller for hours. This year they introduced Tracker, a bilingual pup, who lives in the jungle. All his gear is now on the market to complete your little pup’s collection. You can find the character and his vehicle, which matches the other ones that were on market last year, and the Monkey Temple, which my daughter is obsessed with.

Moana Swag

Disney already has all their Moana characters and collectibles on the market for their newest movie, Moana. The movie is receiving rave reviews and we can’t wait to go see it here. If you have kids with a sense of adventure, they will love this tale with the brave heroine Moana who sails the ocean to save her people with the help of demigod Maui. You can find both characters out now here, the Moana dress for those that like to dress up and other collectibles.

crayola inspiration caseCrayola Inspiration Case

Both my kids already love to color and draw and this inspiration case gives them everything they need to be little artists. My daughter will seriously spend an afternoon coloring so anything I can give her to help her create is a bonus.


Bookroo Subscription BoxIMG_3507 ig small

We recently had the opportunity to try out Bookroo, a subscription box that sends you two, paper, picture books each month or three board books for the littler people in your life. I have to say that I’m in love with it. We adore the surprise of not knowing which books are coming and each book is individually wrapped so your child feels like it’s a present each month. The stories are always cute and have great lessons in them. It’s really the gift that keeps giving. You can find their website here.


71rHYqOkvNL._SL1000_Hungry Hungry Hippos

I loved this game when I was a kid and I am so excited to give it to my daughter for Christmas! Aside from the noise, I have so many great memories of playing this game with my dad and my brother. I hope my daughter loves it as much as I did and we spend some time playing it while we are all on vacation around Christmas.


Lion Guard 91LvTUj-0jL._SL1500_

As a fan of Disney, I always default to Disney Junior whenever the kids have a TV break. In the last year they released a show called the Lion Guard, which follows Simba’s son as he and his friends protect the pridelands with the power of the “roar.” The show brings back lovable characters like Timon and Pumba and has introduced this generation to new ones. The characters are now on the market and my daughter is hoping to receive some of these for Christmas. Luckily, she has an uncle who loves her because she neglected to mention this prior to Santa making all her toys. Similar to other Disney properties, you can find the characters as well as play sets complete with “lairs.”


71fbLCTLFzL._SL1500_Gyro Wheel Spinners

These light-up toys get rave reviews and I have seen kids having a blast with them. While we don’t have these, my daughter has played with them before and she has really enjoyed them. Since they light up you can even play with them in the dark and they will make a unique gift for the preschooler in your life.


Squeaky Squirrel81AAXdHvtRL._SL1500_

This game has been in our house for a few years now. If you have a young preschooler, like a 3-year-old, this game will be perfect for them and it will still keep your 4 and 5-year-olds entertained too. Basically, you help your forrest friends find their acorn food and it reinforces matching, turn-taking and fine-motor skills. You can find it here.


719rx1sDFRL._SL1500_My First Microscope

This microscope is such a fun toy that really works as a microscope. My daughter has it in her classroom at school and she loves telling me about what she can see under it. It’s a way to help kids to begin to understand their world before they are really in an elementary school science class. It magnifies things to eight times their size so it isn’t going to be showing you individual cells, but it will show you some retty cool things.


Connect 491L30nswRuL._SL1500_

Again, I love this game! It is so easy and the concept really allows a preschooler to understand. It’s the perfect game to help your kids understand turn taking and how to be a good sport if mom or dad beats them. It also provides a sense of fun and togetherness when the whole family takes turns playing. I’m hoping we get it for Christmas this year. 🙂


81EdlEiJzML._SL1500_My Little Pony & Ninja Turtles 

I realize these are two things, but I grouped them because I feel like they are not only a throwback to my childhood, but they represent the same concepts whether you have someone who loves My Little Ponies or Ninja Turtles. Both inspire imaginary play, talk abot friendship61OIsRDw79L._SL1500_ and loyalty and can absorb your child into their made-up worlds. I love watching how my daughter’s imagination works when she plays with these characters (full disclosure: she is afraid of Ninja Turtles and is a MLP girl all the way). There are so many different types of gifts within these two world that you can get for kids whether it be the characters themselves or playsets. You can even get clothing. We found my daughter her favorite hoodie here on Amazon and we have been asked by many people where we got it.



Another good game for preschoolers is Memory. There is the original version of the game shown here or you can even get character versions like Minions, Micky Mouse, Paw Patrol or Disney Princesses. This is another good simple game to start your kids off with and the concept is easy enough for them to understand.


Dinosaur or Animal Set61SceKnAN2L._SL1001_

My son loves these guys. They are so simple and yet he gets a kick out of playing with them or even just giving them to me and having me say each of their names. He only has a few animals now but Santa may have his elves making this animal set for him for Christmas morning.  If your kid is a fan of dinosaurs, this set is a great choice too.


51rHmCn4cvL._SX425_Play-doh Fun Tub

Play-doh is one of those polarizing toys. Some people love it and others hate it. Despite my slightly perfectionist qualities, I love it and overlook the fact that the play-doh gets all mixed up and eventually dries out. My daughter received this set last year for Christmas and it kept her pretty busy. I love the fact that this set is simple and it comes with basically cookie cutters versus those other toys that push the play-doh out, which eventually end up breaking when the play-doh dries in it.


91a52LWGQaL._SL1500_Step 2 Art Desk

As I said, my daughter loves art and she would love this table. I love that it keeps all her stuff in one place and that she would have her own little area just for her to create and be creative. I’m debating on getting this or the table below for Christmas this year or waiting until their birthdays this summer. Either way, this table will make a great gift.


71sxwh-fvsL._SL1500_Step 2 Build and Activity Table

This table would also make a great gift and like I said I’m debating between this one and the one above. I like that this one has all the places to hold “stuff” and that it can be used for two little people at once. If you have two children semi-close in age, you will know that as soon as one starts playing with something, the other one wants to play with it too. This solves that problem for me. I also like that it can be used as a Lego table, which extends the life of it for me.


Legos & Lego Duplos

Speaking of Legos, this is really something that’s timeless and always make a great gift for a girl or a boy. My son loves the Lego Duplos and will be getting some of those this year because he is working on fine motor skills and is still too young for regular ones. He plays with these at school and absolutely loves them. My daughter likes the regular Legos. She is a girlie girl so she loves the girl versions of Legos. Like Play-doh, Legos can be polarizing. I love the detail and skill that they help promote, but I hate stepping on them and cleaning up all the little pieces.  These plastic bags always come in handy when we get new Lego sets.


81rBzwC1L1L._SL1500_Wooden Puzzles

We have loved these with each kids because they are easy, fun and allow us to discuss animal names, letters, vehicles and many other things with the kids. The Melissa and Doug ones have been our favorite and they have puzzles that are chunkier for younger kids and then more detailed for older toddlers or young preschoolers.


Train Table81+p1Xr0AYL._SL1500_

We are getting this this year, which is why I’m holding off on the other big things. While I purchased this for my son, it will probably become a gift for both kids because as I mentioned above one can’t play with something without the other wanting it right now. However, I know this train table will be played with for years to come and I like that this one comes with storage underneath for the tracks. It gets great reviews and I can’t wait to see their faces when they open this.


71rLJ0tOqrL._SL1500_Melissa & Doug Duster/Sweep Set

Both my kids love cleaning. I don’t mean they actually pick up their toys, but they like to sweep, dust and mop. My son goes in the laundry room to get the broom at least once a day and I imagine what it would be like if he were actually able to make progress while he is playing. This toy seems like the perfect solution.


Wonderball Fun House91Bs16FAt0L._SL1500_

 This is such a fun house for toddlers and young preschoolers! They will have a blast alone or with their friends playing in this and all the balls that fly into the air. If you don’t want it blowing the balls all over the place, you can also just use it as a play house too, which should provide fun for years. The rounded corners make it pretty safe and I hear it is pretty easy to assemble. It’s main use is for indoors, but I think it would be fun outside on a nice summer day too.

81jVFEkUK5L._SL1500_Play Kitchen

Both my kids love our little kitchen. We bought my daughter a this pink, retro kitchen set when she was a toddler and she still plays with it today. Believe it or not, we still have the phone that comes with it too! My son now also plays with our kitchen and they both love to “cook, cook, cook” in it. There are a lot of great kitchen options out there including this one that a friend has too that’s a bit more interactive with sounds and lights.



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