Outshine Slushie
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8 per box
  • 1 box of Outshine bars – either Watermelon flavor or the Citrus Variety pack.
  • 2 cups of ice
  • ¾ cup of all-natural juice – either watermelon juice or limeade
  • Optional toppings: fresh whipped cream, fresh fruit, lemon-lime zest.
  1. Add your ½ cup of juice and ice to the blender.
  2. Remove your Outshine bars from their sticks by simply pulling them straight off. My cousin was able to do this in one step. I had to break them off in pieces. If you pull straight out and put some muscle into it, you should be able to just pull them off.
  3. Add your Outshine bars to the blender.
  4. Add ¼ cup of juice
  5. •Blend till everything is proper slushie consistency. Depending on your blender, you may have to use a spoon while the blender is off to move things around to get everything blended properly. Or add a bit more juice.
  6. Add your favorite toppings and serve.
Recipe by The Everyday Mom Life at https://www.theeverydaymomlife.com/recipe/homemade-slushies/