Marble Easter Egg Craft Your Kids Will Love

Since St. Patrick’s Day was so close to Easter this year, I didn’t feel like we were able to really enjoy the Easter decorations or have a lot of time for Easter craft projects. However, because my daughter loves crafting and art so much, I wanted to squeeze in one, quick project that I knew she would love.

marble easter egg craft - The everyday mom life

So, the other day we made Marbled Painted Easter Eggs. I remember doing this craft when I was in elementary school and had a blast with it so I knew she would like it. Best of all, it was pretty easy because we already had everything we needed at home. I bet you do too!

We were having so much fun that even my husband joined in on our little craft time to make an egg of his own. Follow the easy steps below to make these colorful and festive eggcellent Easter eggs.

marble easter egg craft - The everyday mom life

You will need:

  • White paper. Poster board works best but you can certainly use plain computer paper if that’s all you have on hand.
  • Paint
  • A pencil/crayonMarble Easter Egg Craft Materials
  • Marbles (You can find these at your local superstore if you don’t have any or here.
  • A shoe box
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A paper plate


  • First draw out your egg shape on a piece of paper. I ended up using a small candy bucket we had here to make the bottom on the egg and then free-handed the top.
  • Cut the egg out and use it to trace additional eggs. Then, cut those out.Marble & Paint Easter Egg Craft3
  • Tape your cut out egg to the bottom of the shoe box. One or two rolled up pieces should do. You want to be able to take it off afterwards.
  • Put a couple globs of paint on your paper plate and dip your marbles in them.
  • Pick up one marble at a time and put it in your shoe box.
  • Then tilt the box from side to side so that your marble rolls across the egg’s surface.
  • Repeat until you have used all your colors and keep layering until you’re happy with your egg design.marble easter egg craft - The everyday mom lifemarble easter egg craft - The everyday mom life

You can see my daughter loved the results!

marble easter egg craft - The everyday mom life

The second time we did this, we also put all the marbles in the shoe box and shook it like crazy. It also produced great results!

Of the eggs on the left, mine is the top one, my daughter’s is the middle one and my husband’s is on the bottom. The more colors you use, the more vibrant your eggs will be. Just be careful not to mix colors that will produce browns, unless that’s the color scheme you are going for. I was iffy on using orange, but my daughter really wanted too.

You can also use this as a lesson about primary colors and secondary colors if you want or if you home school.

Once dry, we hung all the eggs by the bunny banner on our fireplace so we could enjoy them as much as possible until Easter. You can also frame them and use them as Easter wall art, but we didn’t have any spare frames.

marble easter egg craft - The everyday mom life
Easter Craft Banner

Have a Hoppy Easter, friends!

For some fun ways to decorate eggs, check out our tie-dye eggs and our Washi tape Easter Eggs.

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  • gakeman75 March 23, 2017 03.21 pm

    If only I decorated eggs in our house still. aww

  • Amanda Love March 23, 2017 03.41 pm

    What a fun and easy craft to do with the kids. I love that you don’t need a lot of materials to have fun. This is really something that I would love to do with my daughter.

  • robin masshole mommy March 23, 2017 05.15 pm

    Way too cute! I totally want to make these with my kids before Easter. They will love this fun craft.

  • thefashionableaccountant March 23, 2017 06.34 pm

    This is so unique. I don’t really do much with easter for my kids, but I will pass this along for my nieces. They would enjoy making these because they are very artistic!!

  • Terri Steffes March 23, 2017 08.10 pm

    I did this with my fourth graders back in the day! I so loved watching the kids giggle and work hard to make a great picture! We used brown bags but I love the white paper so much more.

  • spiritedsloth March 23, 2017 08.33 pm

    This looks like so much fun! I know my step sisters will have an absolute blast doing this!

  • Rose Sahetapy March 23, 2017 09.02 pm

    This is so much fun! Using marbles to get those mixture colors is a brilliant idea! Kids would enjoy making this creative paper Easter eggs.

  • Vicky March 24, 2017 12.57 am

    Painting with marbles is such fun! Looks like you all had a blast! Love the banner that you made!

  • Roxanne March 24, 2017 01.49 am

    This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to try it out with my kids!

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter March 24, 2017 02.22 am

    What a fun craft for any age child, including us big ones! Love the expression on your daughters face.

  • Crystal Green March 24, 2017 02.46 am

    This is such a neat idea. I have had my kids paint with marbles, but I didn’t think about using it for holiday decorations.

  • Charlotte March 24, 2017 10.30 am

    These are such fun ideas and definitely something to keep them amused over the Easter break!

  • Lydia March 24, 2017 05.45 pm

    This is such a cute DIY idea! I love all the colors and can’t believe Easter is in just a few weeks

  • Blythe Alpern March 24, 2017 06.18 pm

    My nieces and nephew would love this, especially since the get to be messy. I always love seeing handmade kid’s crafts used as decoration around the house.

  • morgancunnin March 24, 2017 08.08 pm

    My little boys would love this. We have the same Easter banner, I just love it.

  • missy35000 March 24, 2017 08.10 pm

    What a great way to take what could be a SUPER MESSY craft and make it totally simple and easy to clean!

  • Kecia | From Mom’s Desk March 24, 2017 10.19 pm

    This is a very fun Easter craft. I always wondered how marbled looks like these were achieved. So brilliant!

  • Jeanine March 25, 2017 03.12 pm

    This is super cute! What a really great decorative idea. My kids would love making and hanging something like this!

  • Dawn McAlexander March 26, 2017 12.57 am

    Yes! The kids would love this. It would look great around the house for Easter. Makes me wish I had young kids to do this.

  • The Trophy WifeStyle March 28, 2017 12.46 am

    Omg what a fun easter craft!!! I bet my daughter would have a blast making these! I will have to do this with her

  • Evelyn, Path of Presence March 14, 2018 04.33 pm

    This project is right up my daughter’s alley (she’s 4). What fun it will be to do this together with her. Thanks for the creative idea for this craft – I think it will look darling in her room!

  • Courtney Buechle March 14, 2018 04.50 pm

    This looks so fun and simple! Such a great weekend craft to get everyone into the spirit!

  • Margaret Westhoff March 14, 2018 06.45 pm

    What a fun craft for Easter! This is something I could do with my toddlers and also my 10 year old stepdaughter. Thanks for sharing! I also think your bunny fireplace banner is super cute.

  • Emily March 14, 2018 09.11 pm

    How fun and pretty! I’m going to try it out with my kids.

  • D at Be you and thrive March 14, 2018 11.59 pm

    Wow! I don’t have kids, but I’m a kid at heart! I am loving the artistic side to these eggs! Far beyond dunking the traditional egg!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brittney March 15, 2018 02.48 pm

    I love this craft! We have SO many boxes lying around this is a great idea! I need to go grab some marbles!

  • Shanika March 15, 2018 03.08 pm

    I love DIY projects! I’ve been looking for something to do with my little one. This looks like a great idea!

  • Candice March 15, 2018 06.18 pm

    What a cute craft idea for Easter! My little is too young but I still love it!

  • Emily March 16, 2018 01.57 pm

    Doing them inside the box is brilliant! Keeps everything contained.

  • Natalie March 16, 2018 02.55 pm

    These are so cute ! Definitely doing this today if I can find a box lid ! Love how you hung them up with the banner ❤️

  • Floby Villaralvo March 16, 2018 03.14 pm

    Will definitely be doing this with the kids this holiday! Great idea you have here!

  • Kristy Bullard March 16, 2018 05.49 pm

    These are so cute and colorful! My kids would love this craft. We’ll have to try it this weekend!

  • Gladys Parker March 16, 2018 07.38 pm

    How cute and festive they look! It is something a bit different also. My grandchildren are coming this week-end so maybe we’ll give it a whirl, I know they’ll have a blast. I have everything necessary except the marbles (I don’t keep them around because of the littles) but, one of my many games surely have enough.

  • Amanda March 16, 2018 07.59 pm

    This is such a fun, mess-free craft! Definitely saving for when my daughter is old enough!

  • Cassie March 17, 2018 02.54 am

    How fun! What a great way to get into the Easter spirit.

  • Tasheena March 17, 2018 04.38 am

    Your eggs came out great! I love fun and easy craft ideas!

  • Nicola @ Happy Healthy Motivated March 17, 2018 06.49 am

    This is so cute and fun! I’ve never seen marbling done this way before. Definitely sharing with my friends with kids so they can give this a try. Might even have a go myself! 😀

  • Twinspirational March 18, 2018 12.38 am

    Those are some fantastic egg decorating ideas! Our niece and nephew would love them.

  • Candice March 18, 2018 03.46 am

    This is so neat! This would actually make really cute greeting cards too 🙂

  • Preet March 18, 2018 05.09 am

    This looks like so much fun. My kids love arts and crafts, they are always trying something new and I would love to try this with them, great decoration idea.

  • Elizabeth O March 18, 2018 12.20 pm

    This is such a lovely creative idea. I liked how you used a shoebox to create them too I am sure it was really handy and less mess too!

  • Esme Sy March 18, 2018 11.23 pm

    This looks fun, vibrant indeed! I just love the idea of a marble-themed activity with bunnies and animals. The kids will really love this since they’re into these recently!

  • Tara March 19, 2018 04.59 am

    I don’t have kids and still want to do this, it looks so fun!

  • Becca Talbot March 19, 2018 06.04 pm

    I used to LOVE marble crafts when I was a kid – they were always so fun, a little bit messy and the end results were always unique 🙂 x

  • Joy Dukes March 20, 2018 12.53 am

    I love this! Just in time for Easter!

  • Miljana March 20, 2018 11.29 pm

    So gorgeous, intellectual, and funny! We’ll try this with our toddler. 🙂


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