About Us

Motherhood isn’t just about having kids. It’s about the life that comes next. It’s not just about one day or one thing. It’s about everything you do and every day you do it. It’s about having fun experiences as a family, and some not so fun ones. It’s about making food your family will love, or at least just eat. It’s about planning vacations, keeping kids entertained during long winters and hot summers, researching the best products for your household and making your house feel like a home. And, it’s about you – your health, your sanity, and the balance you strive to create as you attempt to keep it all together. It’s your everyday life. The Everyday Mom Life.

The Everyday Mom Life

The Everyday Mom Life is a blog and news website about everything that can impact your daily life as a mom. From news that affects your family to product reviews, tips and recipes to personal experiences that make you laugh and cry – The Everyday Mom Life has a bit of it all.

Our goal is to entertain you and make you feel at home as we walk through this crazy journey of motherhood together.

Thank you for stumbling into this fully caffeinated piece of cyberspace. We hope you will stay and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with us as you curl up after a long day and connect with moms just like you.

Our Values


For us, openness means that we will share our hearts with you. We will share our ups and downs, our goods and bads. Since all are a REAL part of life, we believe it is important that you see (read) it all. We promise to be open with our lives and share them honestly with you.


Because we believe in openness so passionately, we also believe in respecting one another. We are all from different places, with difference experiences and different personal values. This site does not shy away from providing opinions on politics, lifestyle choices, religion or the really hard pieces of parenting – discipline, loss, nutrition, illness, etc. We will always respect your opinion even if we do not agree and we hope you will respect our’s.


With respect also comes kindness. We ask that even if you have a difference of opinion with an author or with another person on the site that you remember your manners. We promise to remember our’s. Not only that, but we promise to do our best to spread kindness and understanding in the stories that we present.

Owner & Founder: Rachel Quenzer

Rachel is the founder and owner of The Everyday Mom Life and Sugar Maple Farmhouse. She works everyday to balance the demands of motherhood while working on creating delicious, attainable recipes for every family and creating a home in a renovated 1900 farmhouse. She is passionate about telling stories that move people – whether it’s an experience that she is having with one of her children or something happening in today’s world that will affect her as a mother and a woman. She believes that the small events in everyday life can change your direction, make you think differently or further enhance the idea that every moment in life should be cherished.

Life at home

Rachel blogs from her Michigan farmhouse. The road to becoming a mom was a difficult one – experiencing four miscarriages and having a stillborn son in 2011. Today she has been married for more than 10 years to Kevin, has two, beautiful children, a pit bull rescue puppy, a rescue barn cat and 12 chickens. She expects more animals to join the farm in the coming months and years – despite Kevin’s protesting. All her experiences, hopes and disappointments have given her a unique perspective on motherhood.

Life at work

Rachel has always worked in the communications field and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a Master’s of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations. She started The Everyday Mom Life in 2016 and has continued to gain audiences on the blog and social media alike. Additionally, her writing has been syndicated on the Mom’s Choice Awards blog and she has been a contributor for the Huffington Post where her posts are frequently featured in the Parents section. Most recently she was on a panel for Facebook Kids Messenger discussing how to bring up children in this online world.

TEDML Contributors

Emily Invergo

Emily is a wife and working mother of three that is experiencing life with kids in preschool up through middle school. She spends her time as a mother figuring out the best way to support her family and doing her best at raising her little human beings. She doesn’t have it all together and doesn’t pretend to because she has discovered that life is easier if she is just honest about it versus pretending. She love spending time with friends, playing board games and cards, reading, knitting and watching her favorite shows. She has worked with victims of domestic violence for almost two decades and currently works as a grant writer for a domestic violence services agency.

Diedre Anthony

Diedre is a busy mom of 3 curly haired littles. When she’s not fixing problems for her middle school students as a counselor, she’s spending time with her family on the farm. Not only does her family enjoy fresh, pesticide-free food, but they are also passionate about wellness through the use of essential oils.
Diedre loves using her education background coupled with her multiracial family experiences to help other diverse families with their unique challenges on her full time blog Are Those Your Kids? 

Elizabeth Reibel

Liz is a wife and stay at home mom of two boys, born 18 months apart. She moved from the busy suburbs of Chicago to the quiet and rural Wisconsin-Illinois state line when she met her husband. Nine months after their wedding in 2016, their first son was born. Eighteen months later, baby boy No. 2 joined the family. She’s currently expecting baby No. 3. She spends her time navigating stay-at-home-mom life to an 8-month-old and a 2-year-old, while also acting as caregiver to her working sister’s 3-year-old twins. Life raising an infant and toddlers is messy and chaotic, and the everyday life can be tough, but being a mother is more fulfilling than any job she has ever held. Liz is new to the blogging world, but is excited to expand her voice to beyond her little spot on her cul-di-sac in the country.