Fast & Fancy Meal Idea With Jewel Chicken, Gold Peak Tea

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You know I love a great, easy meal and with the school year starting soon I’m looking for more ways to make dinner faster and better while still making it interesting enough for me to love. And of course I need the kids to eat it too.

Since it’s still summer time and beautiful out (for now), I’m also not in the mood to be slaving away in the kitchen when I could be outside with the kids soaking up the sunshine.

On nights when I want a great meal that tastes like it’s homemade I love stopping into Jewel to grab their ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken. My family can eat it on its own or can use as an ingredient in a dip, casserole or even a taco! When you pair it with the great taste of Gold Peak Tea, which I’m a bit obsessed with right now, you have a fantastic meal that the family can share as they talk about their days around the dinner table.

You can find ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken at Jewel near the deli section. I used it as the base in the Chicken Alfredo Dip pictured here that I’ll be sharing on the blog next week. This meal was perfect for an easy, weeknight dinner and I’ll be making it again as an appetizer for the upcoming football season. You can find the Gold Peak Tea in the tea aisle, which for me was the back half of Aisle 7, and you can find other great meal pairings with Coca-ColaTM here.

Iced tea is actually my favorite drink. I carry it with me almost all day, everyday. I usually drink it unsweetened and love how thirst quenching it can be. Aside from water, it’s one of those drinks I can guzzle after a run or sip while working on the computer.

Every now and then I like to make it a little more interesting though and recently I created three, flavor infused ice cube recipes that I’m really in love with. (Seriously, I can’t believe how good they are!)


Hey Mom, you'll enjoy these too!

Not only are the flavors from these ice cubes complimentary to the tea, but they add a little sweetness and depth to your drink while giving you full-bodied flavors. There’s also no table sugar used in these recipes. Any added sweetness comes from fruit and honey. Check out the video to see the tutorial and then take a look at the full recipes below!

Lemon Basil Ice Cubes


  • Juice of 2.5 lemons
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 Tbsp. of fresh basil, chopped
  • 5-2 tsp. of lemon zest


  1. Mix lemon juice and water.
  2. Pour into ice cube trays.
  3. Add a sprinkle of lemon zest to each ice cube.
  4. Add a few slices of basil to each ice cube.
  5. Freeze for two hours.
  6. Serve immediately with Gold Peak Tea after taking them out of the freezer.

Honey Peach Ice Cubes


  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ cup of honey
  • 1 cup of peaches, skin removed and chopped. If you use canned peaches make sure you drain them and rinse them before using.


  1. Mix honey and water. Whisk until it is well blended.
  2. Pour into ice cube trays.
  3. Spoon a generous amount of peaches into each ice cube spot.
  4. Freeze for two hours.
  5. Serve immediately with Gold Peak Tea after taking them out of the freezer.

Raspberry Mint Ice Cubes


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of raspberries, muddled
  • 1/3 tsp. of mint extract.
  • 1 Tbsp. of fresh mint leaves.

I should note here I used chocolate mint leaves in this recipe. I wasn’t sure if the chocolate would come out in the flavors (It didn’t.) but it’s what I had growing in the garden and loved the idea of using fresh herbs in these. My daughter convinced me to buy them as she was sampling all the herbs this spring at the hardware store. J You can use plain mint leaves, or chocolate mint leaves.


  1. Muddle raspberries until they are more of a paste.
  2. Mix water and raspberries together until well blended.
  3. Pour into each ice cube tray.
  4. Add a few mint leaves to each
  5. Freeze for two hours.
  6. Serve immediately with Gold Peak Tea after taking them out of the freezer.

Stop by Jewel today and check out all their ready to serve options and check out other Coca-ColaTM meal pairings here                  

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  • mommabeaver3 July 27, 2017 01.52 am

    I love the different tea flavors and the flavor-infused ice cubes! Yummy! 🙂

  • Cecilia Harvard July 27, 2017 02.27 am

    I’m so thirsty! I need to make falvored-infused ice cubes stat!

  • Kyler Land July 27, 2017 03.28 am

    Looks perfect for a hot summer day like we’ve been having here lately. 🙂

  • ophalyn July 27, 2017 03.32 am

    WOW! this is good:) I will try it haha! Thanks

  • Courtney Blacher July 27, 2017 03.46 am

    I LOVE gold peak. We don’t drink soda in our house so all we drink is Gold Peak. I love their diet ice tea. Taste just like regular ice team with no after taste

  • Brittany July 27, 2017 03.54 am

    ohhh these all sound so good and so refreshing! Especially the lemon basil. I’ll have to try the Peak Tea. I’ve heard it’s really good but have yet to try it!

  • Terra Bryant July 27, 2017 04.30 am

    These look delicious. And since I live on a tropical island I could eat them all year round! Can’t wait to try them out!

  • kelly reci July 27, 2017 10.45 am

    thanks for sharing it! its really look like refeshing!

  • Scott July 27, 2017 03.01 pm

    I used to love shopping at Jewel (Jewel/Osco around here). But all of them have gone away!

  • Nicole Elliott ~ Client July 27, 2017 04.15 pm

    These turned out so beautiful and fancy and I bet they are tasty, too! The perfect idea for any summer gathering!

    • Everyday Mom Rachel August 07, 2017 07.24 pm

      Thank you!

  • Erica @ Coming up Roses July 27, 2017 06.17 pm

    The flavor-infused ice cubes are a great idea and they’re so pretty!

  • Emely Roman July 27, 2017 09.40 pm

    This looks so refreshing! I definitely am taking notes on this one.

  • Stefanie S July 28, 2017 04.38 am

    I need to make some of these ice cubes! They look really good!

  • Camille August 10, 2017 07.10 pm

    I LOVE Gold Peak’s Sweet Tea – seriously one of my favorite drinks ever. These look like the perfect summer drinks!

  • Carrie & Shannon August 10, 2017 07.10 pm

    OMG! Those ice cubes are GENIUS! i Have a TON of peaches sitting at home that I need to use, definitely going to try this out!

    Carrie & Shannon

  • Tanvi Rastogi (@Tanviidotcom) August 10, 2017 07.20 pm

    I have been loving the new Gold Peak flavors. You have given me some great ideas to try with them.


  • Nancy M Horn August 10, 2017 07.37 pm

    Ooh, these flavor infused ice cubes are terrific. I’m really cutting down on sugar and flavored beverages and these look like a delicious and healthy alternative.

  • Lindsey August 10, 2017 07.57 pm

    Yummy!! It looks so delicious!!

  • Elizabeth August 10, 2017 09.05 pm

    Mmm, nothing like flavored ice tea, all natural and healthy too! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • Cassie Liz August 10, 2017 10.40 pm

    I would seriously never have thought to make flavour infused ice cubes! How clever and I bet they lend so much awesomeness to the drinks!

  • Ayana Pitterson August 10, 2017 10.59 pm

    This is an amazing idea and I am kicking myself for not trying this earlier. I love this idea. Pinning.

  • Karen Morse August 11, 2017 12.20 am

    That’s a lot of lovely ideas to enjoy iced tea! I think the flavor infused ice cubes are great and I’d love to give it a try as well. Thanks for the recipes! They’re all so easy to make!

  • AnnMarie John August 11, 2017 01.04 am

    I prefer tea over coffee any day and I love learning about different ways of preparing it. These are great! It’s easy and it makes tea more enjoyable! WIN!

  • Jessica Joachim August 11, 2017 11.44 am

    I love a good sweet tea! All of your ice cubes look like they would be so good, but that raspberry mint is the one I for sure need to try!

  • Shoshana Sue August 11, 2017 03.27 pm

    Rachel you are a genius! I never would have thought I could make flavour infused ice cubes and add them to my beverages, amaziiing! You are my new recipes best friend. Cant wait to try this out really.

  • Julie I Aloha Lovely August 11, 2017 03.55 pm

    I love being able to grab a cooked rotisserie chicken for dinner. It’s usually cheaper and easier than cooking it yourself! And infused ice cubes, so clever!

  • Kelly Hutchinson August 12, 2017 02.28 am

    I love that you did something so simple to add to an already delicious tea. The basil and lemon sounds tasty!

  • Cindy Ingalls August 12, 2017 02.46 am

    This is such an inspired idea. After trying some of Starbucks new tea infusions, I’ve been thinking about how I could make them myself at home so this has given me plenty of ideas.

  • Kristina August 12, 2017 01.40 pm

    Love iced tea – especially Gold Peak! I’ll have to try the recipes for infused ice cubes! Very neat idea!!

  • Kristina Paché Ferency August 12, 2017 01.42 pm

    I absolutely love iced tea – especially Gold Peak! I’ll have to try the recipes for infused ice cubes! Very neat idea!!

  • reesa August 12, 2017 02.58 pm

    I am seriously loving this idea! I have some mint in my garden right now, I think I will use it to do something like this!


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